Lucid Dreaming-The Chronicles Pt. III

Reviewed: December, 2020
Published: 2020, STF Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I’ve been following this Power Metal conceptual trilogy since the beginning.   I highly recommend you read my review of CHRONICLES Part I  (published in February of 2014) and CHRONICLES Pt 2 (published in February of 2018).   This will give you the context you may need to catch up on the story. It also save me repeating myself over and over!   The short version is this is part 3 of an adaptation of Welsh mythology and the books by Lloyd Alexander.   North American’s might know it better from the old animated Disney film, ‘The Black Cauldron’.

CHRONICLES Pt. 3 has arrived!  The German band is still on the STF label who once again did a very nice job on the packaging and presentation of the CD itself.  The artwork was done by Felipe Machado; one of the most in-demand Metal artists right now, and the album was produced by Accept/Rebellion/Grave Digger man Uwe Lulis.  I’m very pleased to announce that nothing has changed in terms of quality from the first two albums, both of which were very good.

The line-up of guest stars has remained pretty much intact which is a relief becuzse it is always annoying when the voices/singers who do the main character in a Metal Opera have to change.  Leo Stivala of Foresaken is still Taran the main character and Jvo of Emerald fame still plays Gurgi.

I reviewed Part I a little higher than Part 2 but I feel that may have been because of the ‘second act’ being darker, in almost any trilogy. This time we get just a little bit more speed and epic power on the generous 66 minute long album. Multiple characters and voices bring the story to life as does the classic, Power Metal sound.

LUCID DREAMING has everything I like in a conceptual piece. It has long songs, short songs, sound-effects, narration, folk-infused sections, and sonic soundscapes that really drawn you in.  I’m glad to hear a continuation of the style and sound with instruments like the acoustic guitar, harp and violins which add to the dreamy sounds, which juxtapose so nicely with the blazing Metal.   The band is no stranger to long songs with many of them across the trilogy reaching the 9-10 minute mark but the band have really outdone themselves with the album closer ‘The Mirror’ coming in at over 15 minutes long!

THE CHRONICLES PART 3. is simply superb and an excellent addition to this epic , Power Metal opera.  Hats of to it’s sole creator and master-mind, Till Oberboßel.  I can’t wait to see what he will do next!

Track Listing:

Open Wide the Gate
Born from the River
The Free Commots
Lifee is a Forge
From Thread to Pattern
Dreams Come Alive
All or Nothing
The Mirror

Line up: 

Till Oberboßel-Guitars, Bass

Oliver Rosso-Guitar
Tobias Galmarini-Guitar
Nadaprem-Violin, Viola
Philipp Koch-Drums
Fanny Herbst-Harp

Elisa C. Martín-Vocals
Fox-Lin Torres-Vocals
Big Boss-Vocals
Ivo Julmy-Vocals
Leo Stivala-Vocals
Ruth Kneel-Vocals
Sven D’Anna-Vocals
Tiziano Sbaragli-Vocals

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