Lie In Ruins – Floating in Timeless Streams

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Reviewed: December 2020
Released: 2020, Dark Descent Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Finland’s death metal institution, Lie In Ruins, have returned with their third album “Floating in Timeless Streams.” It is an album that I can best describe as a harrowing experience put to music, detailing the darkness and horrific goings-on on when living beings pass on into the unknown.

The group describe it as a calculated attack in terms of musicianship, and I definitely agree that this is an excellent creation from some veterans of Finland’s ever-strong and versatile death metal world. One thing that must be noted is that it is not for the easily distracted.

Musicianship is pristine but not experimental, however, it does utilise some ritualistic arrangements that will make anyone who loves that sort of metal very happy. Eeriness and sorrow are some of the biggest themes and feelings that lie over each of these tracks and has melancholy growing from the moment you press play.

Be it a harrowing interlude or a vicious onslaught of blast beats, Lie In Ruins have pulled no punches in this record. Adding several new members to their line-up since their last album appears to have boded well and this record is strong enough proof.

Overall, give this one a shot if you like a band who can show just how good a job they can do, especially when making the horrors of death and the anxieties of possible afterlife sound like. Destruction and decay put to music with ritualistic composition is the way these Finns have gone.



1. Earth Shall Mourn
2. Spectral Realms of Fornication
3. (Becoming) One With the Aether
4. Drowned
5. The Path
6. Descending Further
7. Suffocating Darkness
8. Where Mountains Sleep

Band line-up:

Roni Ärling – Guitars
Tuomas Kulmala – Guitars / vocals
Roni Sahari – Bass / vocals
Jussi-Pekka Manner – Drums / backing vocals

Band website:




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