Kausa – Una In Perpetuum

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Kausa Una In Perpetuum
Kausa – Una In Perpetuum

Kausa – Una In Perpetuum
Reviewed: December, 2020
Released: 2020, Independent
Rating: 4.5 of 5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Kausa is an Indonesian band formed in 2018 and in just one year they managed to release a debut album. With a very unusual rhythm in emerging scenes such as those in that country, the group just released their new album entitled: UNA IN PERPETUUM (2020), a contrasting work both in its composition and in its production.

Its music is metal with a lot of groove. Luks’s voice is very raspy, he blurts everything out with his throat. Fortunately, the accurate production of this album allows us to appreciate the aggressiveness of their songs without it meaning hearing disproportionate distortions. The riffs of the songs sound clear, but you can still appreciate subtle details, as in “Masygul Galabah”, where a light voice is heard in the background that gives a huge atmosphere to the song.

Most of the songs lack instrumental melodic lines and almost all of their composition revolves around guitar riffs. This is very strange because there are some passages where we can hear very interesting interludes and licks, like in “Totaliter” where the guitars even harmonize, showing a good melodic sense; this makes us wonder why they didn’t exploit that resource in more sections if it turns out so well.

The songs are written in their original language without affecting your enjoyment. Fortunately, their music speaks for itself, so the language is not an obstacle to being able to appreciate them in their proper dimension. It is because of the structure of the songs that the pieces work; they handle the moments very well and create enough tension to know that we are in a verse or the advent of a chorus. “Una In Perpetuum” is a very well achieved album that tells us about the potential of the scene in that country.




1. Corvus
2. Masygul Galabah
3. Haru Biru
4. Totaliter
5. Sabda
7. Aku Pernah diNeraka
8. Merah
9. Jangan Diam Hantam
1Kausa Una In Perpetuum0.Strata Setara

Luks (vocal & Guitars)
Fafa (Guitars)
Danar (Bass Gguitars)
Ivan (Drum)