Jaded Star – Realign

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Reviewed: December 2020
Released: 2020, Noble Demon
Rating: 2/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Realign is the second album from Greek melodic metal act Jaded Star. Melody is certainly the way to describe these Greeks as they don’t seem to employ anything with a particularly extreme or hefty punch in their output.

If this review sounds a bit lacking, then that is because this album felt like it lacked a lot for this critic. I do enjoy traditional metal, power metal and melodic rock music but not a single one of the 10 tracks laid out by these guys had me wanting more.

There is musicianship worthy of note as songs like “Female Fronted” and “A Pain All Mine” offer some impressive guitar work, “We’re the Heroes (A Song For Us)” utilises some decent keyboards that had me thinking of 80s synthpop, and vocalist Maxi Nil definitely knows how to hold a note. However, “Realign” did not make me rethink what stands as a memorable album I’m sorry to say.

Terrible would be too unfair a word for what these Greeks have up it feels more generic or forgettable when discussing what they came up with. Lyrics wise, everything feels very personal and that’s not a bad thing, but the composition might have been a bit too personal for anyone who likes metal that can help them relate to more than just other people’s feelings.

Jaded Star has shown me that they can make a set of tunes worth listening to at least once, but this isn’t an album I’ll revisit anytime soon. I can only hope there are other critics in the world of metal who can read what I’ve just put and write out a review detailing if I missed anything unique or noteworthy about this band.



1. Female Fronted
2. Breathing Fir
3. A Pain All Mine
4. Maybe
5. Adria
6. Children Of Chaos
7. Rise U
8. We’re The Heroes (A Song For Us)
9. Vertigo
10. Higher Than Love

Band line-up:

Maxi Nil – Vocals
Dane Constantine – Guitars
John Dres – Bass
Jim Rouvell – Drums
Angelos Vafiadis – Keyboards

Band Website:


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