Iternia – Between Good and Evil

iternia - between good and evilReviewed: December, 2020
Released: 2020, Independent
Rating: 4 of 5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Iternia is a band from San Juan, Puerto Rico born in the distant year of 2011. Nine years after its founding, the group released their debut album entitled: BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL, a self-financed album and released independently in digital format . It is surprising for its compositional and production level, becoming one of the most pleasant surprises that El Caribe has delivered this year.

The first thing that surprises of the album is the excellent production of the same. The instruments were recorded correctly and the mix is extremely accurate, giving a correct balance to the distortion of the guitars and the sound of the keyboards, just as it happens in “Warriors of metal”.

Edgar López’s voice does not try to imitate anyone; He has a huge variety of resources to interpret his pieces, although most of the time he opts for a more vicious tone born from the throat, which gives the songs a heavier touch and not so much power, despite the fact that his voice is capable of reach interesting highs that rarely uses. This is a great performance trait because he knows what he wants to deliver and how to get it.

Although in general the pieces navigate through half beats, there are also compositions that venture into speed, such as “First Time”, where we can listen to many resources in the same piece such as several melodic lines or the use of different speeds to differentiate the verses and some excellent solos both on keyboard and guitar. In other words, this is one of the songs where Iternia shows us that they know the language of power metal perfectly.

Although the album was released independently, its copies have managed to overcome borders, even reaching Japan. This tells us that the effort of this group has paid off. It is time that all fans of the genre give it a listen and also be amazed by what exists beyond the usual.



1 Intro
2 Escaping
3 Warriors of Metal
4 First Time
5 Between Good and Evil
6 Legend of Love
7 Dragon Eyes
8 Killing the Dream
9 Iternia

Edgar Lopez- Vocals
Juan Carlos Garcia- Guitars
Ricardo Ojeda- Bass
Christopher Pagan- Drums
Jay Nazario – Keyboards



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