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 Reviewed: November 2020
Released: 2020, self-released
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Dennis

At this moment in time there is rarely someone in Hard Rock or Metal that is so much on the go as Trevor Church is. Trevor seems to ready for the task of saving Heavy Metal all on his own, like a multi-instrumentalist genius version of John Rambo. With Haunt alone he managed to record and release four studio records, two EP’s, one single and two split EP’s since 2017.

Haunt is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the body of work of Trevor Church, his band Beastmaker released two LPs and six EPs since 2014 and the 2019 Hysteria output NIGHT CLOSING IN was fucking awesome as well. Trevor also played in: Inside the Sun (bass), Wolf Ghost (vocals) and Worship Of Keres (drums). Trevor, as you can see, is an animal, a workaholic when it comes to expressing himself through his music, just take a look at this sheer mass of artistic output and you realize that this man has a lot to say. So much apparently that he felt the need to re-record songs of LUMINOUS EYES and MOSAIC VISION. When we talked he mentioned that working alone means that he can only blame himself if the outcome is not to his perfectionist liking, so for the re-recordings he added solos, synths and backing vocals here and there to first and foremost satisfy his own vision (or at least this is what I think).

When the Pandemic started I, only half-jokingly, said :”once this shit is through we can listen to a dozen of new Haunt records”. Well, he has done three as of yet. The use of synths is always there throughout every song of TRIUMPH, mostly in the background, discreet like a mild breeze on a hot summer day but essential to the overall musical experience nonetheless. The backings and synths do what is normally the job of the bass (when used in a manner I do not love too much), these elements thicken the guitar sound and make the melodies more palpable. Through the use of these elements he managed to sound more like a real band (four or five guys playing together in the rehearsing room, having fun). Most multi-instrumental attempts lack a certain hard to name feeling to the sound, this doesn’t.

If you know the older stuff of haunt and got curious check this out rather sooner than later, Trevo

Track listing:

1. Triumph
2. Fallen Star
3. Luminous Eyes
4. Callouses
5. In Show of Flame
6. Mosaic Vision
7. No Master
8. As Fire Burns

Line up:

Trevor William Church: all instruments and vocals