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Reviewed: November,2020
Released: 2020, Church Recordings
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Dennis

Fresno’s best is back at it: Trevor William Church has returned with “Flashback” the fourth LP of Haunt. Trevor Church’s HAUNT was a really strong band right from the start but as it seems the sound is still further re-and defined with every coming output.

Just last year I had the opportunity to see Haunt on tour in Germany and it was one of those gigs you tell your grandchildren about. My brother and me arrived early because we had told the band to meet us outside for pictures (for a rather big Instagram story) it did rain, I wore new shoes which killed me and we had to wait…a LOT! But it was worth it all, the bands were super nice guys (Screamer, Haunt and Tanith were there) and we took a lot of pictures and had a blast rocking out, drinking and talking to the bands and merch folks. Now back to the review:

The new material is fucking awesome to be honest, songs like “Figure in a Painting” remind of highlights like “Mind freeze” the title song of the predecessor and “Electrified” with it’s unbelievably nuanced use of synth sounds is an insider tip in my book. I even think that this output is overall even more catchy than the predecessor (which I hold dear to my Heart). If Mr Church continues writing music like this, Haunt may very well become one of my top three heavy bands of the last 20 years (which means a lot because I demand an awful lot for a position like that).Sometimes it seems that the energy level on “Flashback” is even higher than on the previous records, if this has to do with Church doing things alone and in his own pace? Does not matter at all as long as the stuff he makes is on this level or, god almighty, better.
Maybe my top 20 will feature more than one record of the same band this year.

By the way: if you don`t know Haunt yet, you should change that deficit right about now!

Track listing:

2.Winter’s Breath
3. Electrified
4. One with the Universe
5.Spend a Fortune
6.Figure in a Painting
7.Sweet Embrace
8.The Great Beyond

Line up:

Trevor William Church – All Instruments, Vocals


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