Demoniac – So It Goes

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December 2020
December 11th, 2020 / Edged Circle Productions
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine


Chile’s Demoniac was formed in 2011. At the time, the band was on a mission to create the fastest and most ferocious thrash metal known to man. For the most part, what is on SO IT GOES comes close to that moniker. For the other part, they tend to be thinking a bit more outside the box.

The first two tracks of their 2nd album come close to checking off the fast and furious boxes. There are other bands out there that beat Demoniac out of that title. But what the tracks do tend to focus more on is the player’s ability to play excellent thrash music. So while not the fastest on the planet, it is close. I think.

It is the outside the box thinking of the 3rd track, ‘Extraviado’ which is a mellow ride or shall I say intermission track that is predominantly a clarinet solo. As I was listening to it the first time, all I could vision was Kenny G jamming along with a metal band. Yes, it does still make me chuckle. The track is well done, just a weird part on the album. Do not let this comment steer you away from the band. It is sort of a cool track on its own, and you have to give kudos to them for including it on the album.

That leads right into the last two tracks that are, again, pure South American thrash metal. These guys know what thrash metal is and how to belt out insane riffs, intense dual leads, and an outright mesmerizing thrash metal vocal delivery that tends to give you the sense that these guys are seasoned veterans of the genre. If Demoniac keeps going down the path they are currently on; I am sure they will be quite the veteran act someday. Demoniac is a band to check out and start following.

1. RSV – Fools Coincidence – Testigo
2. The Trap
3. Extraviado
4. Equilibrio Fatal
5. So It Goes

Vicente Pereira – Bass
Rodrigo Poblete – Drums
Nicolas Young – Guitars
Javier Ortiz – Guitars, Vocals