DayGlo Mourning – Dead Star

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Reviewed: December 2020
Released: 2020, Black Doomba Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Beandog

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia and riding on a wave of momentum that started in 2018 with their self titled debut album, DayGlo Mourning quickly drew the attention of Black Doomba Records who paired them up with Bludy Gyres for a split release in the same year.

It’s clearly an arrangement that works well, as the band’s partnership with the label has been maintained for their latest six-track album: Dead Star.

Turning the amps up to eleven and starting as they mean to go on, the title track is a solid throwdown with a tight grip on the riff – which is pretty much the template used throughout. DayGlow Mourning’s steadfast Sabbath lurch will undoubtedly earn Dead Star the Stoner Doom tag for most people. To be fair, this is clearly a band who worship at the alter of a mammoth guitar tone – bolstering their sound with skull cracking drums and a mighty vocal bellow that reaches formidable heights on the Conan-esque Ashwhore.

The three piece’s ability to fuse sheer heavy metal weight with a subtle but appealing psychedelic lilt is impressive. Digging in hard when they need to – the riffs on Witches Ladder will have you pulling an appreciative grimace and the drums on Bloodghast tumble like boulders off a mountainside – They also spice the songs up with effective flourishes. For example, The Offering starts off clean and groovy, only to build to a full fuzz monolith that includes an inspired talk-box solo.

The guitar work can be singled out as a clear tribute to the power of a tube amplifier. The thick grungy tones are perfect for high volume and DayGlo Mourning seem perfectly happy to keep things uncomplicated enough that you can focus on banging you head.

This is not necessarily an album for those looking for variety or nuance – but, if you want massive riffs at heavy tempos and you like the music loud, this might be a worthy release to track down.

Doom on!


Track Listing:

01. Dead Star
02. The Offering
03. Bloodghast
04. Faithful Demise
05. Ashwhore
06. Witches’ Ladder

Band Lineup:

Ray Miner – Drums
Jerimy McNeil – Bass, vocals
Joseph Mills – Guitar, vocals



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