Shaman starts work on new album with German producer Sascha Paeth

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The group is finishing new songs, in São Paulo, with full protection due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and talking remotely with Sascha

Shaman started pre-production work on the new studio album with Alírio Netto (vocals), Hugo Mariutti (guitar), Luis Mariutti (bass) and Ricardo Confessori (drums), in a hybrid format, with the renowned German producer Sascha Paeth, who also signed the production of the first two albums.

Check out a sample of Shaman in the recording studio:

Shaman’s new album, which has no release date set, promises to be a milestone in the band’s career. Recently, Shaman promoted it’s online festival held by the fan club “Mariutti Team”, and brought together big names of the Brazilian and International heavy metal scene and had mass support from fans worldwide, reaching very high numbers of audience. As a preview of the new album, Shaman has already released the song “Brand New Me”.

Watch “Brand New Me”:

Sascha Paeth and Shaman explain the writing and production process of the new album:

“I am very thrilled that I have the opportunity to work with my friends from Shaman on their new album. It was a no-brainer right from the start  when they were talking about it. We always had such a great time working on albums together in the past and I have no doubt that it’s gonna be fantastic again. Of course it’s also going to be a little strange without André, but life goes on and we have to deal with it. I think the guys found a great new singer with Alirio Netto, so we can positively aim the goal to create an album connected to the original sound of Shaman in a very high quality.” – Sascha Paeth

“We are very excited about the whole thing. Shaman’s legacy deserves that I am on top of my game, in fact that we all are! We are doing everything in a very organic way, playing together and making the arrangements all along. Besides, having Sascha produce is a personal dream for me.”- Alirio Netto

“It’s always good to produce new material, and you can be sure that we are doing our very best, regardless of the pandemic. I think the band has a very strong energy playing together, and I believe this is the most important thing for the work to have the band’s identity.” – Hugo Mariutti

“It’s been a pleasure, after so many years, being able to record a new Shaman album. The mood despite all the madness of the pandemic is being very good, actually pretty much the same of the first albums. Having Sascha producing us again is essential to get all the magic back.” – Luis Mariutti

“It’s good to have something to drive my focus and attention during these pandemic times. It has been hard to predict the future of the music industry and the band, but we want our fans to have faith that someday we will see each other on the road in a new tour and we will bang our heads together with the new songs. Yeahhhh.” – Ricardo Confessori

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