Metal-Rules Premiere: Portland Power-Prog Tanagra New Single “Seas of Glass”

Tanagra Members: Steven Soderberg (left), Erich Ulmer (right), Christopher Stewart (not pictured) Photo Credit: Anna Slusser
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Tanagra has a new single coming out entitled “Seas of Glass”, this serves as a small jolt for the band music-wise, but ultimately fans will still hear the distinctive Tanagra sound coming through.

Like much of their music, “Seas of Glass” tells a story about change through the eyes of a lone protagonist. The first half of the single is calm and sounds almost like it’s from the ’70s, maybe a bit of Hotel California; as the protagonist remembers why he came to the island. He has a nagging feeling that this existence, despite its comfort, isn’t right. As we make our way to the solo the desire to return to the sea is overtaking who he was when he came to the island. By the time we’ve been pounded by a driving riff and solo, he’s come to the realization that he’s in control of the elements. The only thing stopping him from enjoying the battering of the seas is himself; and that gives him the strength to once again venture into the storm. The storms don’t matter, the raging seas are nothing to him; they are just as if they are calm waters. Tanagra shares their thoughts on the single:

“‘Seas of Glass’ is a passionate retort to the ill-fortunes the band has suffered in recent years. Built from the raw emotions of the loss of members and the twin deathblows threatened by Covid and Nagra; all combined to make a do or die moment. We decided we weren’t going to take this lying down. It’d be easy enough to cave when all opportunity is being snuffed out and then you’re kicked while you’re down. It’d be easy to simply go on doing whatever it is we’re doing with our lives and walk away; another defeated minion in someone else’s RPG. But instead, we stand proud and defiant. This is our name, that is our stage, and the storms can rage all they want.”

To date, the band has released two albums, 2015’s “None of This is Real” and 2019’s “Meridiem” keeping a focus on writing complex, reasonably technical metal with clean vocals a la Blind Guardian and Iced Earth. Tanagra’s music writing is diverse and so is the process for each release. In this track, in particular, the vocals were established early and built around entirely; rather than being applied later. This leads it to sound more cohesive.

Clean, melodic, and driving, Tanagra is recommended for fans of Iced Earth, Pyramaze, and Caladan Brood.

The lyric video for “Seas of Glass” is premiering via Metal Rules today and can be heard and viewed below.

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