Wings of Destiny – Ballads

Wings of Destiny - BalladsReviewed: November, 2020
Released: 2020, WormHoleDeath
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Wings of Destiny is, to me,  the most amazing power metal band you could ever hear. They come from Costa Rica and since 2015 it has released four studio albums, BALLADS (2020) is the latest one. We can say that this is its masterpiece. Although its last three  albums are very interesting, this time the band has taken everything to the next level. Musically speaking the band is offering the best songs they have ever created which is to say a lot if you have already listened to the previous albums. The musicians have left the progressive a little bit aside and focused totally in a power metal sound. The result is simply awesome.

The whole album is so very well produced; you can listen to every instrument without any problem. All the arrangements were recorded right. This lets us hear each and every song at its peak. This is still a very strange characteristic in the latinamerican bands. It is still very hard to find the proper studio and the proper engineers who can create great power metal music in this side of the world. Therefore, when we find a band like Wings of Destiny with a very supreme sound, we can only be amazed.

If this wasn’t enough, Wings of Destiny has recruited an awesome guest lineup. We can listen to Ivan Giannini from Vision Divine; the one and only Michael Vescera; the legendary Timo Tolkki along with local talent such as the incredible Costa Rican singer Rebecca Malavassi and the Ecuadorian singer Chemel Neme, who sings in the song “Here we go”, a total anthem which can be one of the best power metal songs ever made in the Latin American scene history (believe me, I’m not exaggerating). This album is a great mix of talent from all around the world.

The band added two covers from Stratovarius, “Forever” and “Speed of Light”. You need to know something, this band played along with Timo Tolkki when this musician did an latin american tour a couple years ago. The band also included some remastered versions of songs from its previous albums and the difference is clear. Although the distance between both versions is not so far from each other, we can still appreciate the great talent of this band. There is no doubt, Wings of Destiny is not only the best central American band nowadays but one of the most interesting power metal acts in the whole Latin American region. Sadly very few Latin American metalheads know about this band.



  1.     Live Again

  2.     Under the Moon

  3.     One More Lie

  4.     Time Will Tell

  5.     Here we Go

  6.     Forever (Stratovarius cover)

  7.     Winter Dreams

  8.     Eye of the Storm

  9.     Wake me Up (orchestral version)

  10.     Siren`s Song

  11.     Speed of Light (Stratovarius cover)


Emil Minott – Bass

Cristian Jiménez – Guitars

Anton Darusso – Vocals

Horacio Paris Kofoed – Drums

Andres Castro – Guitars