Wail – Civilization Maximus

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Reviewed: November, 2020
Released: 2020, WormHoleDeath
Rating: 4.5 of 5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Wail is not only some kind of a hard rock band but also a very hard working band from Lillehammer, Norway; released its debut album called RESILIENT back in 2018 and a couple weeks ago presented its sophomore album, CIVILIZATION MAXIMUS (2020), a great mix and display of riffs and melodies keeping the same spirit as its predecessor. This album lets us hear a band in great shape musically speaking. “Down the Mountain” is the best way not only to prove this but to start the album. In this song we can appreciate the compositional capacities of the band. They control the momentums perfectly; they structure the song in order to create tension right before the choruses and finish off with some very melodic licks.

The riffs that build the song are changing, they don’t use only one, showing a great creativity and a wide compositional vision because, above the riffs, the band puts very frequently some melodies along the vocal lines making its compositions even more colorful, “Presage” is the best example of this. Rhythmically, the band also shows that they know the elements to make an entertaining song, for example, in the song “Through the ice” we can hear how the beat of the drums changes over the same riff to give it a rising power; this is a very effective resource when you know how to use it and they exploit it very well.

The voice of who has decided to call himself “The Singer” is another of the most interesting hooks not only of this album but of the band in general. His voice is very versatile and handles different techniques that can range from a clean and pure sound like Bruce Dickinson, to a raspier and heavier tone so difficult to achieve as in the aforementioned “Down the Mountain”. He knows his craft very well.

The common ground of this album is that creativity is placed far above technique. Although the structure of the songs show a clear and advantageous management of their musical resources, their technical skills are not above the average of other bands. It’s a great example that you can get engaging and interesting songs without being a virtuoso. This new album makes Wail one of the most interesting rising bands on the Norwegian scene. They have managed to create a very well achieved sound, but they have also shown to have the concern to generate an entire imaginary that hooks the fans. Hopefully they continue to be not only a hard rock band, but also a hard-working band so that we can enjoy it at its best.



1. Down the Mountain
2. Endless Repetition
3. Presage
4. Through the Ice
5. No Hesitation
6. You’ve Got Nothing
7. Manherder
8. Overwhelming
9. Civilisation Maximus

Anders Nesset – Bass
Memet Ødegaard Cataltepe – Drums
Thor B. Gundersen – Guitars (lead)
Kim-Ruben Sletten – Guitars, Vocals
The Singer – Vocals (lead)