Veritas – Threads of Fatality

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Veritas - Threads of FatalityReviewed: November, 2020
Released: 2020, Veritas Rocks LLC
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Veritas is a band from Kansas led by Greg Wenk, who since the distant year of 2012 has been breaking stone to achieve what he finally presented at the end of August, his debut album entitled: THREADS OF FATALITY, an independent work that completely drinks from the 90s North American scene. We listen to songs with a lot of groove and tunings in low tones. This makes Denny Anthony’s voice contrast with all the instruments.

THREADS OF FATALITY is the consolidation of a creative process born last year, when they released a self-titled EP that brought them a very positive response; with that EP they managed to sow a large number of fans who were already eagerly awaiting the release of their debut album.

Although the band has used the banner of hard rock to promote themselves, the truth is that their sound is very far from that style. Veritas sounds more like the American metal of the 90s, with a lot of groove. The album begins with “Prelude to the Sacrament”, a very dense introductory piece with lethargic times that announces the rhythm of the album.

Veritas is a group produced entirely by its environment, it is clear that it is a band born in the American scene. They will have no problem putting down roots in their own scene as fans will respond favorably to this work.

Listening to THREADS OF FATALITY is to witness eight years of hard work; It is a testament to the effort and perseverance of some musicians who still live for music. Although obstacles have not ceased to appear, their perseverance today rewards them with a great debut album.



1. Prelude to the Sacrament
2. Frail
3. Love and Burn
4. Far Away
5. Morbid Stale
6. Fates Warning
7. Say Goodbye
8. Moments of the Day
9. Starlight
10. Eyes of the Blind
11. Dying to Live
12. Sludge
13. Masquerade
14. If It’s Over


Denny “The Siren” Anthony – Vocals (lead)
Greg Wenk – Guitars
Geno Alberico – Bass
Mark Zonder – Drums