Tantivy – Eyes in the Night [EP]

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Reviewed: November, 2020
Released: January 15th 2020, Church Recordings
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Rebecca Bush

This duo waste no time in powering into their debut EP full throttle with opening track ‘I Am The Wolf’. A fast and furious riff reminiscent of Motörhead’s Ace of Spades paired with gravelly raw vocals give it teeth. There are no frills here just honest full-on metal and to be honest it’s refreshing. Back-to-roots traditional metal is making a welcome return, proving that less really can be more. Track two, ‘Cut Em Loose’, carries on in much the same vein giving me all the 70’s metal vibes, I could easily have lifted this from a vintage vinyl store or found the tracks on a best of 70’s metal album.

The guitar work is intricate and precise and gives the vocals the perfect backdrop to thrash across. These guys definitely have their craft honed and ready to unleash, as debuts go this EP is a great opening moment for Tantivy: it’s confident and doesn’t tread lightly!!

Third track, ‘Houndin’ You’ sees that grit intensify with hooks and licks galore and lyrics to confirm their commitment to their genre – ”Heavy metal’s all I bleed!” and without a doubt that is accurate!!

Fourth track ‘Nowhere’ has a darker more ominous heart to it which is a welcome slight change of pace and gives drummer Jon Zimick a chance to flex a little and show more of his range; with some good breakdowns it’s just different enough to separate it from the other tracks – just. The final of the five tracks takes us out the way we came in, at a quick pace and with a real sense of urgency. There is a hint of other vocal acrobatics occasionally but for the most part this is just another heavy-hitting, classically inclined metal track, if with a slightly punkier nature to it.

Given that this is only an EP I will give them the benefit of the doubt that on production of a full album there would be more variety, more peaks and valleys to stop it from being too one-note.
It’s definitely a solid effort and I hope that further down the line there will be a little more diversity. They have the foundations for sure – now to build!!!

Band line-up:

Adam Geurink – Guitars, bass, vocals
Jon Zimick – Drums


1. I Am The Wolf
2. Cut ’em Loose
3. Houndin’ You
4. Nowhere
5. Daggers


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