Ottone Pesante – DoomooD

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Ottone Pesante – DoomooD
Reviewed: November 2020
Released: 2020, Bandcamp
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

You want to talk heavy metal? How about literal heavy metal? How about metal’s first non-ironic Brass Doom Metal band?? Playing instruments that are both heavy and metal while being heavy metal at the same time? You’re…you’re crazy man, but I like you…

My first exposure to Ottone Pesante started with a discreet ad in Decibel Magazine advertising “Brass Doom Metal”. I love doom and I love weird, so this was like a direct calling for me. Thought the band has a couple of releases under their belt already (including appearances by Cattle Decap’s Travis Ryan), DOOMOOD elevates above all expectations with a unique sonic presence and an individual sense of what we consider “heavy.”

A largely instrumental outing, DOOMOOD translates emotive percussive bursts into what you’d typically expect from guitar refrains, blast beats, and rumbling bass rhythms. Some if it is transactional and fleetingly interesting as evidenced on “Distress”, but much more of it is exhilarating and unique on the post-punk symphony of “Serpentine Serpentone”, the gothic tinged “Strombacea” and the black metal exaltations of “End Will Come When Will Ring the Black Bells.”

As a cumulative work of art, DOOMOOD is emotionally persuasive and powerful. There’s something about traditional instruments that can gut punch your soul on a level that most modern instruments can only aspire to, and its the kind of stunt that few bands attempt (much less with successful results). Ottone Pesante may be the next great black jazz, post black metal, post doom, or just plain next great instrumental metal band that you need to hear.  Horns up, literally, for Ottone Pesante.


Track List:
1. Into The Chasm
2. Distress
3. Tentacles
4. Coiling of the Tubas
5. Serpentine Serpentone
6. Ocean on a Eco
7. Grave
8. Strombacea
9. Endless Spiral Helix
10. End Will Come When Will Ring the Black Bells

Paola Raineri – Trumpet
Francesco Bucci – Trombone
Beppe Mondini – Drums

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