Iron Angel – Emerald Eyes

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November 2020
October 2nd, 2020 / Mighty Music
Rating: 4.5 / 5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

It sure as heck does not seem like it has already been two years since Iron Angel released HELLBOUND, but it has. For those who may not be familiar, Iron Angel is one of the pioneering German speed metal acts of the 1980s. They released two influential albums to much acclaim before hibernating a little over a decade. There you go.

EMERALD EYES is the band’s fourth studio effort. I felt HELLBOUND was just an okay to a good album; this album offers up a bit more. It has a feel that is much more natural sounding than their previous album. With just the first listen, you can immediately hear the continuation of Iron Angel refining themselves while also fine-tuning their signature style while adding to the intensity and aggression for what they are known.

I can already tell that many of the tracks will remain in my player’s rotation for a while. EMERALD EYES is a fast and heavy-hitting metal opus. In general terms of today’s “speed metal,” it may not live up to the tempo some may be looking for, so get that out of your head now. It does feature plenty of pummeling double-bass drums throughout its entirety. There are a few different ways a speed metal band can sound.

There are many cool and memorable riffs as well that go from face-melting to an NWOBHM groove that you cannot seem to get out of your head after listening to this one. Dirk’s vocals are also top-notch here. These old-school German speed metallers are for you for those of you into Kreator’s current sounds to Sodom and Accept, or just damn good heavy metal in general. EMERALD EYES is a damn good album that you, too, will want to spin over and over again!

1. Sacred Slaughter
2. Descend
3. Sands of Time
4. Demons
5. What We’re Living For
6. Emerald Eyes
7. Fiery Winds of Death
8. Sacrificed
9. Bridges Are Burning
10. Heaven in Red
11. Dark Sorcery

Dirk Schröder – Vocals
Didy Mackel – Bass
Mäx Behr – Drums
Robert Altenbach – Guitars
Nino Helfrich – Guitars



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