Eleine – Dancing In Hell

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Reviewed: November 2020
Released: 2020, Black Lodge Records 
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Lana Likhacheva

Swedish symphonic metal band Eleine come to present their rapidly growing fanbase with their new epic full-length album, “Dancing In Hell”. The strong support of their label with online marketing and previous great releases alone almost ensured the success of the record – though it has a lot to say itself.

Dancing in Hell starts with Enemies – a song which has already become a hit and has gained more than two million streams on YouTube. Its powerful guitar riffs match perfectly with Madeline’s beautiful and strong voice. The degree of epic is high as it’s never been with the band, which gives me a thought that they might be inspired by Two Steps From Hell or other bands specializing in epic battle music.

The battle that this record is about is the inner one – and fighting your own demons, as known, is much harder than any outer struggle. Though with the determination and power of the first songs you can feel that you are powerful enough to overcome literally every single thing that might dare to come on your path.

Both with instrumental and vocal elements Eleine definitely did the amazing job, taking their skills to considerably higher level and getting to the heart of the listener even better than before. Their sound reminded me of such great bands with female vocalists as Evanescence, Nightwish and Within Temptation.

In the middle of the album a drop in mood will await the listener – Memorian and Where Your Rotting Corpse Lie are much more depressive and will give you a sad feeling, but are still filled with power.

Memorian has been my favorite song of the record, because it’s a kind of rock ballad, probably underrated in the future despite its truly beautiful sound and message. It’s both energetic and emotional and gives that light, sad feeling as you are looking on a distant loss you had or will have far in the future.

All Shall Burn, an electric and powerful song with strong-hitting riffs, elevates the mood, but not for long. Die From Within gently slides in, drowning the listener in the depressing feeling of loss again. But the impression is not just sad, and it comes across even more in The World We Knew which is the logical continuation of the song, and the vibe is spiralling in the symphonic version that ends the album. The music itself seems in conflict with the lyrics on the first sight, because it’s so strong, energetic and has amazing guitar riffs. But later on you understand that it’s not the conflict – the instruments are adding the sense of hope to those desperate songs, closing the album on more or less positive note.





1. Enemies
2. Dancing In Hell
3. Ava Of Death
4. Crawl From The Ashes
5. As I Breathe
6. Memoriam
7. Where Your Rotting Corpse Lie (W.Y.R.C.L)
8. All Shall Burn
9. Die From Within
10. The World We Knew
11. Die From Within – Symphonic Version

Band line-up:

Madeleine Liljestam – Vocals
Rikard Ekberg – Guitar, vocals
Jesper Sunnhagen – Drums
Anton Helgesson – Bass

Band Websites: