Dragonrider – Sceptre Of Domination

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Reviewed: November, 2020
Released: 2020, Stormspell Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP

Music is the universal language.  It transcends politics, religion and geography. When it comes right down to the music I don’t really care where a band is from as long as they are good Metal band.   However it is neat to see bands like Dragonrider from Jordan enter the scene.  Aside from being an interesting talking point in reviews it is good to see more Metal coming from more nations that are not traditionally associated with Metal exactly BECAUSE of politics, religion and geography

Dragonrider are a new band and SCEPTRE OF DOMINATION is their full-length debut.  Trust the StormSpell label, the truest of the true to seek out bands like this and give them an opportunity to be heard.   The band plays a very enjoyable, very competent form of classic, traditional European Power Metal.

The album is adorned with a gorgeous and eye-catching cover courtesy of Serbian Dusan Markovic; he is one of my favourite new artists, having also done covers for Imagika, Jag Panzer and many more up and comers.  The ten track album features crystal clear production for a self-produced job.  The album might be a bit short, if you take away the spoken word intro and an extra extended version of a song already on the album it clocks in at eight songs at 35 minutes.   Everything sits nicely in the three-four minute range with the exception of the final cut, called, quite fittingly, ‘Grand Finale’ which gets a little more epic at seven minutes.

Dragonrider is a trio although they do have some guest musicians filling out their sound.  Greek vocalist Michael Rinakakis may be familiar to you, he has been around for ages having sung for Event Horizon X back in the day.  It looks almost as if the two Jordanians have hired the Greek to sing on their project.  It doesn’t matter because he sounds superb, range, power and a good delivery.

The album surges along at quite a quick pace with some good punchy choruses and sing-along sections. There is nothing horribly unconventional here which is a good thing, just classic Power Metal. There are epic choir type parts, some little use of keyboards for atmosphere but for the most part we are treated to driving, catchy Metal tunes.

As long as StormSpell keep finding this stuff and putting it out there will be a market for it.  I’m glad Dragonrider have entered the arena and I hope to hear more from the future.


Track Listing:

Melody of Light
Where Lightning Forever Strikes
The Berserker
Scepter of Domination
Lone Rider
Master of Thunder
Call of the Crimson Moon
Below the Stars
Grand Finale (We Fly)
The Berserker (Extended Version)

Line Up:

Michael’s Rinakakis (Vocals)

Mad Rad (Guitar, Bass, Drums)

Waleed Mughrabi (Guitar)



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