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Reviewed: November, 2020
Released: 2020, AFM Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Communic is a progressive metal band from Kristiansand, Norway. It was born in 2003 and has since released five albums, incredibly maintaining the same lineup. It is surprising that Communic is a trio, it consists of Erik Mortensen on bass, Tor Atle Andersen on drums and Oddleif Stensland on guitar and vocals. The group is about to release their sixth studio album titled: HIDING FROM THE WORLD through AFM Records, an album that can put fans of the band to the test.

HIDING FROM THE WORLD is an album where the lyric aspect weighs a little more than the musical. The lyrics are very intricate and deep, with a huge load of thought, which meant sacrificing the rhymes a bit. The stanzas are made more with free verse. The interesting thing is that its language is very crystalline, it is not hidden in so many metaphors so it is possible to listen to the songs and receive the message of their lyrics without much problem. That is one of the main hooks of this album and allows you to enjoy the length of the songs without much effort.

Musically it is a very dense album. It seems that the musicians are making accompaniments to the lyrics. There are hardly any licks or very catchy melodies; the compositional work was more concerned with creating intricate bars and creating successions of riffs that allowed to give a musical context to the lyrics. However, suddenly there are interesting passages very hidden in their compositions, as in “Hiding from the world”, where they introduce a very interesting melody shortly before the end, but without becoming the main motif of the song, it only appears during some bars and then disappears, as if it were a different song within the same piece. “Born without a heart” is another case where little by little the piece develops slowly until it reaches very effective levels, without being the constant throughout the whole composition.

HIDING FROM THE WORLD is a very demanding album. It takes time and willingness on the part of the listener. It is not an album that will capture the first listen, it takes a state of complete relaxation to let yourself be carried away by the music that this album offers, something that in current times seems like a lot to ask for. With just eight pieces, the album managed to exceed one hour, so it is necessary to be in a specific state of mind so as not to reject an album that offers interesting reflections on its lyrics.


1. Plunder of Thoughts
2. Hiding from the World
3. My Temple of Pride
4. Face in the Crowd
5. Born Without a Heart
6. Scavengers Await
7. Soon to Be
8. Forgotten

Erik Mortensen – BassTor
Atle Andersen- Drums
Oddleif Stensland – Guitars, Vocals