Arduinna’s Dawn – Saturnine Moon

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Arduinna's Dawn - Saturnine MoonReviewed: November, 2020
Released: 2020
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Arduinna’s Dawn is a Luxembourg band born in 2016, after dealing with some changes in their line-up, finally in 2018 they achieved a good enough stability to make themselves known on the scene of their country; they came to participate in festivals in Luxembourg and France. The group was on the rise, which would culminate with the release of their EP: SATURNINE MOON (2020), until they had to stop activities due to current conditions in the world.

SATURNINE MOON offers us four symphonic metal songs. In them we listen to Natascha, a vocalist who ten years ago sang covers of Evanescence, which tells us a lot about the style she handles. Her interpretation is far from the operatic style of the other bands of the genre, it is more pop, which is a plus since it gives this band its own identity and prevents it from becoming a copy without transcendence.

However, this operatic absence in the voice takes its toll when the compositions are slower. For example, in “Frozen” we can hear a vocalist who fails to exploit the feeling of the lyrics, it seems like a bomb that does not end up exploding, her performance falls short, without this signifying a technical deficiency (it is perfectly tuned) it is simply her is style, something that he manages to polish very well in the first verses of “Dream World”.

On a compositional level, Arduinna’s Dawn follows the style of the old school of the genre: they present a melody at the beginning and then interpret it with another instrument to later be accompanied by percussions, “Shadows of Yourself” is a great example, which makes us travel to the nineties, when the genre took its first steps and amazed the world. Four songs for two years is very little, however, this first approach reveals to us a band with fresh ideas that could reach wider boundaries than the simple symphonic metal public.


Arduinna's DawnTracklist
1 The Beast Within
2 Shadows of Yourself
3 Frozen
4 Dream World

Vocals – Natascha Schmit
Guitar – Andy Schanen
Keyboards – Jimmy Schumacher
Drums – Mike Bertrang