D-A-D By Request returns for COPENHELL 2021

The Danish hard rock band D-A-D has been rebooked for COPENHELL 2021 with their unique By Request concert.

The ground-breaking and genre-defining hard rock band D-A-D is an integral part of Denmark’s music history, and it is our pleasure to confirm that they are back on the festival poster for COPENHELL 2021.

We look forward to a great reunion with the cheeky and devil-may-care rock’n’rollers – and not least the exciting By Request concert format where the audience vote for the songs they want the band to play. A lot of people have already votes for their favourite songs this Spring, and voting is open again from today at www.d-a-d-by-request.com.

The By Request concert will challenge both the festival’s audience and the band to think differently, and D-A-D front man Jesper Binzer encourages everyone to vote for their own favourites, regardless of which songs they love the most: ”You’ll get this one chance to experience the weird songs that you don’t hear very often, so we encourage you to use it!”, the challenge sounds.

D-A-D will perform on the festival’s main stage on Saturday, June 19.

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