Transcendence – Towards Obscurities Beyond

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Transcendence - Towards Obscurities BeyondReview Date: October 2020
Released: 2020, Blood Harvest
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: RC2000

After listening to a lot of power metal lately, I put in the latest from Transcendence (Los Angeles) and it was like cutting through it all with a chainsaw. TOWARDS OBSCURITIES BEYOND is the band’s latest full -length after releasing an EP in 2018. The cover art is by Adam Burke and looks like a scene straight out of Hades.

Song titles like “As the Maggots Feast” give the listener a pretty good idea of what’s coming. Transcendence deliver a brand of death metal that harkens back to the early nineties, with a similar-sounding production. “Drowned Screams of the Departed Souls” starts off with a nice acoustic piece, before ripping into some double-bass-drum brutality. Coming in at roughly the half-way mark it has a nice way of breaking the album up.

One of things I noticed about this recording is that the songs have a lot of breaks and tempo changes. There’s a hefty amount of death metal in the foundation, supported by a lot of creative melodic touches (not to be confused with melodeath) and rhythmic parts. The vocals are delivered in a sort of two-pronged attack – guttural lows with alternating versus sung a few notches higher – and it keeps the songs from sounding too repetitive.

Towards Obscurities Beyond is a solid death metal release; recommended for fans of Faceless Burial, Divine Empire and Council of the Fallen. The label Blood Harvest has lots of similar material for fans of the genre.

Track Listing:

1. Infernal Resurrection

2. Majesty Of Chaos

3. Towards Obscurities Beyond

4. As The Maggots Feast

5. Drowned Screams Of The Departed Souls

6. And Darkness Shall Be

7. Ravens Of The Burial

8. In Silent Procession


Miguel Perez Guitars (lead)
Tom Patmore Vocals
Michael Alvarez Guitars
Richard Guerrero Drums
Chris Gonzalez Bass