Transcendence – Towards Obscurities Beyond

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Reviewed: October 2020
Released: 2020 – Blood Harvest Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Beandog

“Patience and perseverance” – These are the things Transcendence credit for their current position when considering the span of time between their formation in 2013 and the 2020 release of this; their debut album, Towards Obscurities Beyond. 

Those of you with an ear to the underground will have heard Transcendence’s earlier releases – First, 2014’s digital only, Morbid Realities EP. Then, in the same year, their Alter Of Disease demo, which continued the band’s death-thrash style until they reinvigorated their line-up with a new rhythm section and a second guitarist. These changes meant that 2017’s EP – Hour Of The Summoning – carried enough extra weight to catch the attention of Swedish based label, Blood Harvest Records, Subsequently, Transcendence were signed up for their first full-length release. Eight songs across a half hour of music. No nonsense. Heads down heavy metal.

In all honesty, the review could end there. Towards Obscurities Beyond is an uncomplicated record. This is death metal delivered like a hammer blow to the chest. Blunt and undoubtedly capable of doing damage if used with enough force.

Musically, the band are churning around a maelstrom of undulating riffs and ragged double bass drum patterns. Tom Patmore spews out his menacing vocal performance with formidable conviction – swooping from a blackened snarl down to the lowest, deathly growls. The aesthetic here is old-school, big, noisy and disgusting – but in the best possible way.

There are some majestic plateaus placed among the dank cacophony. The intro to Majesty Of Chaos serves us with a melodic, doom-waltz that could surely entice all but the most decomposed corpses to rise up for a dance. Elsewhere, on Drowned Screams Of The Departed Souls a plucked, folk guitar rings out a foreboding preface to the metallic gallop that follows it, while Ravens Of The Burial uses a melodic refrain to create a deathly jig. However, mostly this is just grinding, lurching heavy music that sounds great at high volume.

It’s a record to headbang to while wearing a proper grimace on your face. It’s heavy, it’s unrefined, but it’s not without inspired moments of melody which actually grow more significant on repeated listens.

Ultimately, If you want to roll around in some delightful filth for half an hour, put this on. I think it’ll get the job done.

Horns up!



01. Infernal Resurrection
02. Majesty Of Chaos
03. Towards Obscurities Beyond
04. As The Maggots Feast
05. Drowned Screams Of The Departed Souls
06. And Darkness Shall Be
07. Ravens Of The Burial
08. In Silent Procession

Band Lineup:

Tom Patmore – Vocals
Miguel Perez – Guitar
Michael Alvarez – Guitar
Christian Gonzalez – Bass
Richard Guerrero – Drums