Samer El Nahhal – Supernova Kill Road

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Reviewed: October, 2020
Released: 2020 / Independent
Rating: 3 / 5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

After being part of Lordi for fourteen years, Samer El Nahhal released his first solo album called: SUPERNOVA KILL ROAD. Although his main publicity hook is to say that he was the bass player known as Ox, it is convenient to leave that stage behind and see it as a work by Samer El Nahhal.

SUPERNOVA KILL ROAD is a very melodic album; mixes different styles that can range from industrial to psycho and even funk. He develops his compositional and technical skills very well. We can put this album as the result of combining Rammstein with Beast in Black, integrating his own original touch.

From Rammstein we find a strong presence of synths and low-key riffs that only the mind of a bassist like Samer El Nahhal could evoke; however, the difference is that there are more choral and colorful voices. From Beast in Black we can find melodies that could be used in genres such as pop but which, thanks to the electric guitar bases, settle into a heavier style. “I’m on a mission” is a great example of this.

In addition to making rhythm guitars, Samer El Nahhal is also in charge of playing the bass throughout the album, making room for interesting interludes as in “Parasite” or venturing into the slap as in “Boom House”. For the guitars, the bassist called Niki Rock, Henry Lee Roots, Mica, Tommi Mikael, Mike Kuparinen, and Simire; their presence shines especially in the solos, since most of the pieces do not have passages where the guitars are the protagonists.

The album just had a physical release at the beginning of August and its release on vinyl is being prepared this September. SUPERNOVA KILL ROAD is a very interesting piece that demonstrates the enormous melodic range that has always characterized every corner of the Finnish scene.



  1. Psycho Inn Cafe

  2. Parasite

  3. Jupiter City

  4. I’m on a Mission

  5. The Beauty of Two Worlds

  6. Boom House

  7. Boogie Town

  8. As She Loves You to Death

  9. Man in the Shadows

  10. Absinthe Romance


Samer El Nahhal – Bass

Guest musicians:

Tommi Mikael, Mike Kuparinen, Mica, Niki Rock, Henry Lee Roots, Simire.