Old Mother Hell – Lord of Demise

Reviewed: October, 2020
Released: 2020, Cruz Del Sur Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

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I missed Old Mother Hell’s 2018 debut self-titled album, but I am just in time for their follow-up album LORD OF DEMISE. The new album will be released on October 23rd on Cruz Del Sur Music. The band hails from Mannheim Germany and are veterans of that city’s music scene since the 1990s. Like many other worthy bands, they have paid their dues in clubs with little recognition until their debut started to attract the attention of metal fans and critics. LORD OF DEMISE seeks to capitalize on momentum and enhanced recognition.

The new album delivers eight songs of mostly doom metal but with traditional and power metal moves mixed in. The band wisely opens with “Betrayal At Sea”, a tune that could have easily appeared on the debut Hammerfall album. The riffs are brilliant in their simplicity and purity of metal. “Avenging Angel” follows and is similar as a more up-tempo song about a girl delivering retribution for the many wrongs done to her. Singer and guitarist Bernd Wener has a distinctive tone that fits this style of no-frills metal and rarely ventures outside a comfortable mid-range, while emphasizing words at the right times.

The title track serves up a heaping portion of doom, plodding yet enjoyable. Other slower doom moments abound, but Old Mother Hell is adept at offering quicker tempos when the doom threatens to derail momentum. “Finally Free” concludes the album with perhaps the most variety within any song and is worth staying to the end. Musically, this is uncomplicated metal that you can sink your teeth into. The songs sound good too, the production and mix from Jens Seifert perfectly capturing the essence of the band.

Undeniably, the positive are many on LORD OF DEMISE. Unfortunately, the standout tunes are noticeably better than the rest of the album, which means much of the album sounds about the same. Couple that with the fact that OLD MOTHER HELL are playing a style of metal reserved for the respected but destitute, one that garners a rabid but very small fanbase. You can include bands like Twisted Tower Dire, Terminus, and Battleroar in that zone of metal, and fans of any of those bands should find Old Mother Hell a familiar and pleasant listen.


Track Listing:

1. Betrayal At The Sea
2. Avenging Angel
3. Lord Of Demise
4. Estranged
5. Edge Of Time
6. Shadows Within
7. Another Fallen Savior
8. Finally Free


Ronald Senft – Bass
Bernd Wener – Vocals / Guitar
Michael Fröhlich- Drums




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