Inner Circles – Inner Circles

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Inner Circles – Inner CirclesReviewed: August, 2020
Released: 2020, Independent
Rating: 3.5 / 5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Inner Circles is a very interesting one man project led by John O’Kelly. He took care of guitars, bass, keys and programming. Recently in August released a self titled EP with 5 tracks developing a very atmospheric sounds that really lives up to the name of the project. It is one of those few times in which we can see an attitude embodied in music, something very rare today without falling into pre-made poses.

It is interesting how easily songs are able to express a sensation and at the same time manage to understand the listener. We can hear atmospheric sounds that are announced from the cover of this album. Arpeggios and truly immersive harmonic work abound that can even induce a certain mood.

A melancholic feeling abounds in almost the entire EP, although there are pieces that can suggest more energetic emotions, such as “Voices”, however, this is one of the qualities of this work: that there is a constant invitation to feel something. The pieces hardly go unnoticed. In fact, “Doorways” is one of the best pieces on the EP where he gets each instrument to draw its own line and the song generates a drawing of excellent depth.

The vocals have delays that add a darker, more introspective touch to the lyrics. It is not surprising that, within a few weeks of being released, this EP already has several listeners who have been hooked on the proposal of this album. John has been clear from the beginning that this is only a personal project and that there is no possibility of listening to these songs live. Whatever his reasons are, maybe the good reception this EP is getting will change his mind.


John – Guitars, Bass, Keys, Programming


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