AceFrehley Origins Vol 2. Album Review

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Reviewed: October 2020 Released: 2020, Entertainment 1 Rating: 4 / 5 Reviewer: James Cheney

Mr. Frehley being the Rock God as it is surely doesn’t disappoint. This album has a lot of energy with different genres of the former metal genre, such as; Blues Rock, Hard Rock, rock and Beatles style rock and roll.

The album starts really strong and has a clearly defined sound from the get go, the mix sounds really good on tablets and laptops alike. Really clear and hard hitting drums and pleasurable guitar lick riffages. The order of songs flow really well, especially starting with ‘Good Times Bad Times’ to ‘Jumping Jack Flash”. He does the songs justice, considering it is a covers album it has a lot of originality and a party / stadium atmosphere.

If you are a fan of late 60’s / 70’s rock, then this is a tasty update with the clear use of production of overdubbed guitars and vocals of the sort. From; Led Zeppelin Influence, Cream – The Rolling Stones. It has a very Modern and defined rock sound, you can hear this in Politician, with the very cool wall of solo guitars at the peak of the song at the end. If you want a heavy version of Lola, then here is your chance. Every one knows and (secretly) loves the song. When I mentioned about a modern mix you can really hear the kick drum and even Bass along with it.

I know for sure these songs (once COVID-19 is over) will be great for gigs and it will be hard hitting. Made for stadium gigs. Ace literally Aces it on stage that the rock Gods would be happy with.

If you like classic rock songs then this album is great for you, I truly think that you should check this out. A lot of stacked wall of Marshall sound that is really classic. You can really hear the influences for each track, such as Manic Depression. The solo is very Hendrixy in an Ace Frehely way. Touching on “she” it has a nice touch with the dual solo, it has a great slow headbanger feel, ironic with the song lyrics… I will leave to guess that one. The song structure and pace changes, this is probably the standout track. This album should really be listened from start to finish for the best results.

My reasons for the rating given is because of the vocals, they are pretty good, but not amazing for my liking. It misses an edge of passion, unlike the guitars which are obviously the Forte for Ace unquestionably. In all fairness it is nice to have a guest singer on the album, to give a bit spice and flare! If you are a musician or learning guitar, then this is a good starting point for your books. As well as this comment of versatility in mind, a few of the songs are a bit saney and repetitive. What would also make this a 5 would be if the album was shorter, with a bit more variety in the songs. This coupled with the title of album doesn’t make much sense to me.

The only variety you hear is “Kicks” with some tasty layered lead and acoustic guitars that you can hear in the background. It definitely has a good vibe to the album.


01. Good Times Bad Times 3:22–original version by Led Zeppelin 02. Never In My Life 4:03-original version by Mountain 03. Space Truckin’ 5:03 – original version by Deep Purple 04. I’m Down 2:57-original version byThe Beatles

05. Jumpin’ Jack Flash 3:27-original version by The Rolling Stones

06. Politician 4:27-original version by Eric Clapton

07. Lola 3:45-original version by The Kinks

08. 30 Days In The Hole 3:27-original version by Humble Pie

09. Manic Depression 4:01–original version by Jimi Hendrix

10. Kicks 2:58–original version by Paul Revere & The Raiders

11. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place 3:39–original version by The Animals

12. She (Bonus Track) 5:25–original version by Kiss

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