Afterpain – The Endless Cycle

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Afterpain - The Endless CycleReviewed: August, 2020
Released: 2020, Independent
Rating: 3.5 / 5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

After six years of being created, the Argentine band Afterpain released their debut album entitled: THE ENDLESS CYCLE. In January of last year the band released an EP where they let us hear a taste of what was to come. The four songs from that EP (called: OUTCOMES) were taken up for this debut album. The lack of musicians has made this band a trio, originally born from the association of only two musicians, something very common in the region, but fortunately it has not been an obstacle for them to be able to launch a record of great depth and very good production.

The album follows the canon of the genre using the symphonies as the main hooks during the verses and putting the guitars only as a distorted base. The album is very suitable for the conditions in which it means to be a symphonic metal band in Latin America. Although there are more and more high-quality bands, it is still difficult for them to achieve a production that allows all the instruments to shine. Fortunately, Afterpain puts that step forward on the regional scene.

However there are still many points that the band could improve. The vocalist has a good, dry participation, her timbre and style are enough to bring out the songs, but it is nothing to write home about, she stays in safe tonalities, she plays it safe, this makes her sing very the same both in verses and in choruses, the difference is very little. There are no monumental or memorable passages that make it stand out from the rest of the bands.

The songs have very interesting introductions that end up fading into simple verses with only a chord accompanying and a drum base, they do not maintain the same intensity. Although the album is a great merit for the band as being an independent release, they can still greatly improve the composition aspect for their pieces to stop being anecdotal. THE ENDLESS CYCLE is a good album that will be part of an extensive sea of works, without us being able to find a particular point that makes it stand out from the rest.


01 – Flying Dreams
02 – Misery
03 – Enemy
04 – Monster
05 – Rage
06 – Forgive Us
07 – Eternal Prisoner
08 – Outcomes
09 – Lights Out
10 – Despair of the Brave
11 – Bye Bye Bye

Vanina Coletti – Vocals
Mauro Fallico – Keyboards
Fernando Rey – Drums, Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals

Session Musicians:
Codylee Voitcu – Guitar («Flying Dreams» and «Misery»)
Jeff Kekenj – Guitar («Eternal Prisoner», «Enemy» and «Outcomes»)
Daniel Carpenter – Guitar («Rage»)


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