Canada’s Wither Within Pay Homage To Slipknot With Award-Winning “Maggot Juice”

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L-R – Noah Nikolas Laidlaw (Bass), Eitan Melody (Guitars/ Vocals/ Synths), Isaac Nicoletto (Drums & Percussion), Kurtis Bradimore (Keyboards & Synths) Photo Credit – Eitan Melody: Photographer & Photo Editor, Erin Clayton: Photographer Assistant

Ontario’s Wither Within have their introductory release ready for ears and eyes, the Slipknot inspired “Maggot Juice (Instrumental Version)” in both audio and video formats.

Wither Within is made up of members from Her Majesty The King, Mount Abora, and So Long Shoreline and with this release, they won the July 2020: Metal/Core Songwriting Contest. Aggressive, melodic, and genre-bending, they provide listeners with a heavy, theatrical, horror-inspired experience. They touch on their musical abilities in their own words:

“We all put in what we can to combine our ideas into the best possible material. Each member is talented at multiple instruments so musically, we can all contribute in multiple ways.”

The DIY band formed because they wanted a group of like-minded individuals from different aspects of the local music scene to create music together that is different and unique.

The unique blend of metal, pop, and hip hop music brings something new to the table. Wither Within is recommended for fans of Slipknot, Babymetal, and Bring Me The Horizon.

“Maggot Juice (Instrumental Version)” was released on July 26, 2020, and is available on all music streaming platforms HERE and the music video is on YouTube.

Wither Within is:
Noah Nikolas Laidlaw (Bass)
Eitan Melody (Guitars/ Vocals/ Synths)
Isaac Nicoletto (Drums & Percussion)
Kurtis Bradimore (Keyboards & Synths)

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Comprised of like-minded individuals from different aspects of the local music scene, Noah (bass), Eitan (guitars/vocals/synths), Isaac (drums/percussion), and Kurtis (keyboards/synths), Ontario’s Wither Within formed with a love of horror culture, heavy music, and a thirst to do something different, and memorable.

Established in July of 2020, they won the July 2020 Metal/Core Songwriting Contest (sponsored by Double Impact Drums) with their unique combination of metal, pop, and hip hop music. Many of their song ideas come about with Eitan writing and recording an instrumental track and sending it to the rest of the band members. Everyone then adds in their ideas and builds off of it.

Noah tracks his bass, Kurtis adds synth parts and layers existing parts, and Isaac adds drum fills and transitions to the MIDI track. In the end, Eitan puts it all together, mixes and masters, and voila, we got music!

To date Wither Within has released the single/video “Maggot Juice” with more music on the way.

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