Selenseas – Band leader/bass player Vladislav Tyushin

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Band leader/bass player Vladislav Tyushin – Selenseas

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Thanks to Roberto at Rockshots Records for setting up the interview
Thanks to Rockshots Records for the promo pictures of the band

This interview marks the debut on for Russian heavy/power metal act Selenseas. Band leader/bass player Vladislav Tyushin had the kindness to sit down and chat with us to share some information about the band. The band has gone through quite a few member changes since their start but this current lineup feels solid one and includes Tyushin’s wife on keyboards. In 2017 the band released THE OUTER LIMITS in Russia and now they are sharing it with the English version with the rest of the world. Some of the topics we covered are why the band has their own Patreon site, what’s it like to work with the European record label Rockshots Records, and their very informative Youtube documentary regarding the work with the album.


Hi Vladislav thanks for meeting with us today. How are you doing today, I hope you and the band members haven’t been exposed to the COVID-19 virus?

Hi, we’re doing great. Our album has been released at last, and we’re overwhelmed with joy. We’ve received a lot of feedback from our listeners from all around the world, and it’s very inspiring.

We were lucky and didn’t get sick, because we took all the required safety measures and stayed in quarantine. We wish good health to everyone!

Let’s go back to the beginning of the band in 2010. What made you want to start a band in the first place?

I’ve been a fan of heavy music since I was a kid. I was so much into music, I wanted to try myself as a singer in a band. I had little experience and started taking vocal lessons, while at the same time rehearsing with several bands. I think I was even doing well, but at some point I just realized that singing is not my thing.

Having got some experience of working in bands and being inspired by other musicians and people around me, I started writing my own music. At first it was just sketches, but as time went by I was fully consumed by the creative process. By mid-2010, I had instrumental parts for 6 songs ready, as well as a few dozen drafts, which also became full-fledged songs later.

I started looking for musicians that would be interested in playing my music and took up playing bass guitar.

To sum it up, my love for music and people are what inspired me got me writing my own songs.

Was it easy to find members to join forces with you?

I believe it’s not easy for any beginner musician to find allies. First bands are usually formed from close friends or even relatives – that was my case as well. Half of the first line-up of Selenseas were my friends from the university and the Internet.

Why did you choose to sing in Russian instead of English?

We had a lot of reasons for that. Here are some of them:

In the beginning, we had problems with writing lyrics. When our first singer joined us, she wrote lyrics only in Russian because she had a lot of experience with that. Another reason was that we wanted to try ourselves in the local scene first, and for that Russian lyrics would be the best choice.

As the years passed and new singers came and went, we’ve been polishing our skills in writing music and lyrics. In 2016, after our first EP came out we started getting feedback from the listeners from abroad that liked our songs. They were interested to know what they were about. That’s when we began thinking seriously about lyrics in English. Frequent changes to the line-up did not let us bring our ideas to life, though. There are not too many singers of our genre in Russia that can sing in English with good pronunciation. We even thought about inviting a foreign guest to record THE OUTER LIMITS. But we were lucky – Mikhail joined us just in time!

A few of your demo songs landed on a compilation album released by the Russian label Life Music, how was that? Were you happy?

Yes, at that time we were surprised and very happy that we got noticed right after we presented our first songs. The label contacted us and proposed including our tracks on their compilation albums. They also held a concert to support one of these compilations as well as a competition, in which we won our first serious prize – a free recording of several songs at a studio.

The instrumental parts of these tracks were recorded, but the songs were not released at that time.

Where does the band’s name come from and does it have any special meaning?

They say, as you name the boat so shall it float. It took us a lot of time to come up with a name for the band. We wanted it to be original, nice-sounding, flashy, and to have some sort of connection with the band. There was a song in our repertoire called “Obratnaya Storona Luny“ (Eng. “The Other Side of the Moon“), which all the members really liked. At that time I was fascinated with the Greek mythos, and there was a legend about the Moon goddess Selene. Inspired by that legend, I proposed several options, one of which was “Selenseas”. Everyone liked it, and the name became official. It’s actually a combination of “Selene”, the name of the aforementioned goddess, and “seas”. It literally means “Lunar Seas”, or “Seas of Selene”.

Why did you put the band on ice between 2013-15?

In mid 2013, 4 of 6 members left the band. Only guitarist Denis Andrianov and myself were left. We were tired of searching for musicians, and there was a shortage of those who wanted to play heavy/power metal at that time. Because of that, I shifted my focus to writing new material and polishing old songs. This break was actually a very important point in our creative process that showed us which way we had to go.

In 2015 the band was back with a new line-up, what happened with the old one?

The problem was that everyone left almost at the same time. The reasons were different – creative conflicts, family matters, misunderstandings. We all managed to stay on good terms, though. I believe it was all for the best, otherwise the band would have just disappeared completely. By mid-2015, we had a great line-up and began to realize our new ideas and perform live.

The band’s first EP in English, titled IN A REFLECTION, came out in 2016. What did the media and fans think of it?

For me personally, with this EP Selenseas was actually born – the way I imagined it in 2010. We found an excellent sound engineer, Sergei Lazar (Arkona), and with his help we started to sound the way we wanted. The EP received positive feedback from local media. We got noticed by concert organizers and started to perform more often. Even though this mini album came out in Russian, fans from all over the world started writing to us. It was really exciting, we received lots of good words from different people, and they ordered our CDs.

Did you gain success with the EP in Russia and abroad?

I think this could be called one little victory. We sold almost all our CDs and got a lot of good feedback from fans. We were so much inspired by all that, and stopping was not an option anymore, so we went on recording our first LP.

Are there any differences in how the foreign and native press write about the band?

Yes, there is a difference. Sadly, we got very little support and lots of unconstructive criticism in Russia, compared to foreign press and audience.

It was probably one of the reasons to focus on the audience that is more supportive and re-release our songs English.

How come you chose to record the debut album on both Russian and English?

As I mentioned before, originally we wrote the lyrics only in Russian but after receiving positive feedback from fans abroad, we decided it would be great to have our material released in English as well. Unfortunately, these plans were delayed due to line-up changes.

In 2016 the lead singer left the band, was his departure expected or was it a surprise?

It was expected, because we did have some disagreements. Before one of our live shows he warned us that it would be his last gig with Selenseas. Rodion did a great job recording vocals for our EP but mixing and production were done after he had already left.

How long did it take to write the material to the debut album and what are the lyrics about?

The music for THE OUTER LIMITS was actually written in 2010-2012, and in 2013-2015 it turned into what you can hear on our debut EP (2016) and LP (2017). Lyrics underwent constant changes because it was often the singers who wrote them. For example, the song currently known as “The Mirror” had its name changed about six times.

In 2015, I decided to write the lyrics myself. In that same year, the drummer Liudmila Malaya joined the band, and she turned out to be a skilled lyricist and contributed to almost a half of the album’s songs. Together with Liudmila, we wrote all the lyrics for the album in 2015-2016.

When you write lyrics do you write them in English or in Russian?

Liudmila and I write the lyrics in Russian first and then have them translated into English. Since we now have Mikhail, there might be changes to this process in the future.

Both the Russian version as well as the English version of the album includes many guest appearances, could you tell us who guests on the albums?

Some very talented musicians and vocalists appeared on both versions of the album. Sergei Lazar (Arkona, Rossomahaar) took on the role of the Ifrit and sang the growl parts. We also invited Mariya Skryabina (ex-Anadora) to play the flute in “The Revenge of the Ifrit”. The majority of the solos on both albums were performed by the guitar virtuoso Gamil Makhmutov. Aleksey Verbitsky (Legenda) recorded some new solos for the English version. Ivan Garin, a talented composer, helped us improve the keyboard arrangements. To revise the vocal parts and record backing vocals, we enlisted an excellent singer Andrey Zodchiy (ex-Dis Pater).

The bio states that the album contains melodic heavy/power metal music, how would you describe your music?

We experiment a lot with different styles and moods of the songs. We try to make the songs sound refined and “airy” despite their intricacy. All in all, the music can be described as melodic heavy/power metal with elements of folk, epic, progressive, doom and hard rock. Our goal is to plunge the listener into a song, into the story behind it, as if a soundtrack immerses the viewer in the story of a movie.

The band suffered some member losses between 2017-19, what can you tell us about that episode in the band’s history?

It was a tough time for the band. In 2017, we had to part ways with the singer and one of the guitarists due to various reasons. It took time to find full-time (and like-minded!) members, and all our plans went bust. We had to stop working on the second album, and postpone the recording of the vocals for THE OUTER LIMITS. We could not take part in local concerts and festivals either. But we didn’t falter, kept on searching and managed to form an awesome team. That led us to the decision to not just re-record the vocals but to make a full scale re-release with improved arrangements and sound to satisfy the fans.

Despite that you began to work on the English version of the album, was it hard to focus on that with thought of the problems within the band?

Yes, it was. It was hard to be forced to stand by and watch our plans fail. It seems like it worked out for the best, though Now we’re all good and keep moving and our fans support us.

Last year singer Mikhail Kudrey joined forces with you, how did he end up in the band?

The first time Mikhail came to us for an audition was actually in 2017, after our singer Ilia Skliarov left the band. Mikhail did a good job performing some of our songs in Russian, but the band chose another candidate, even though I personally was impressed with Mikhail’s performance. Two years later, when I posted a search ad for a singer once more, Mikhail replied that he wouldn’t mind trying again. We arranged another audition, and this time he sang our songs in English. After that, all our doubts were gone, and we knew he was the right man for us!

Do you see the current line-up as a solid one and what’s it like to work together with your wife Svetlana on keyboards?

Selenseas are now a tight and cohesive team. We do our best to listen to each other and come to agreement. You can hear the results of our teamwork on THE OUTER LIMITS.

As for Svetlana, I was really lucky to have married her. She supported Selenseas during the difficult period from 2013 to 2015 having joined as a full-time member. She also does an ample amount of managerial and promotional work, as well as maintains the band’s social media accounts.


When did the work began on the English version of the album?

We began working on the translation somewhere around mid-2017. From Oct. 2018 till Oct. 2019, Svetlana and myself worked on improving the keyboard arrangements together with the sound designer Ivan Garin. From Aug. till Oct. 2019 we re-recorded rhythm guitars, bass and vocals. Mixing and mastering were done from Jan. to Mar. 2020.

Did you translate the lyrics straight off the paper to English or have you re-arranged any of the songs?

We tried to translate the lyrics as close to the Russian originals as possible. Therefore, there’s no difference in meaning between Russian and English lyrics.


The biography says that you wanted to create a more powerful and more epic version of the album compared to the original Russian debut. Is that true and do you think you managed to do that?

Yes, we’ve put in a great deal of effort to improve the album’s sound. Keyboard parts were re-arranged to achieve a more epic sound. We picked sounds and orchestral parts individually for each song. We’ve added powerful intros to some songs for full immersion. All rhythm guitar parts were recorded from scratch, and we also used a 7-string guitar in this version. Vocal parts were re-arranged as well, and we have also added more backing vocals and choirs. In my opinion, our efforts to make the album sound better were 100% successful!

The bio also says that “each song has it’s own meaning, style and mood and the album as a whole has the goal to enlighten the listener, since the songs touch the different themes”. Do you agree with that?

I sure do! The topics touched by the lyrics are very diverse: we’ve got Eastern legends, Norse mythology, science fiction, philosophy and more. Each song is a story, and music emphasizes its meaning.

Could you explain a little closer what the bio means with the words “Album tagline – Choose your story”?

THE OUTER LIMITS is not a concept album, it reflects a certain period in our creative process. The songs are united by the same spirit, atmosphere, and sound. It’s a journey through a set of stories on which we invite you to embark. We even have a map in the booklet to guide you along the way. Brave the seas on a frigate, join the Vikings at the gates of Asgard, go through the Nine Hells with Dante or venture into space – the choice is yours!

Could you tell us a little about the translation of the lyrics, such as who’s have done it and is it hard to keep the essence of the songs in a different language?

Svetlana, Liudmila, and yours truly worked on the translation. We did that meticulously and responsibly! Of course, it was not easy to convey the meanings of the songs accurately – we do lack professionalism in this field. That’s why after we were done, we sent the lyrics to a professional translation agency for proofreading. We wanted to be sure the translations were 100% correct!

Are you happy with the outcome of the English version of the album?

We’re very happy with the results of our work. All the ideas we couldn’t bring to life in 2017 were realized in 2020. At last, we are finished with this material and can fully focus on new songs.

The Mirror (Official Visualizer)


You added two more songs to the English version in “The Mirror” (radio edit) and “The Milky Way” (alternative version) what’s the difference between these versions and the original versions?

In the radio edit of “The Mirror” we’ve discarded the intro part, for those who like the more explosive beginning. We’ve also cut out a small instrumental piece in the middle.

The alternate version of “The Milky Way” contains an awesome solo in the second bridge instead of the vocal part. It also has a different ending, which in my opinion is a great final point to the album.

The album is about an hour long, was it your intention to make a long album?

We’ve never cared about how long a song is. We just have something to convey to the listeners. It just so happened that this album is about an hour long, but it wasn’t our intention. Maybe the next release will be a bit longer.

What are the longest songs “The Revenge of the Ifrit” (6,01) and “Dante” (5,41) about?

“The Revenge of the Ifrit” is one of the heaviest songs on the album, with a gloomy and progressive sound. It’s inspired by the Eastern folklore and legends of the Ifrit – an evil and deceitful genie.

“Dante” is inspired by Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”. This is a dramatic ballad about a hero that went through the Nine Hells in the name of love. The violins were recorded by Svetlana Tyushina, and the cello parts were performed by our previous singer Ilia Skliarov.

Why did you name the album THE OUTER LIMITS? Does the title hold any special meaning?

The Outer Limits – an instrumental track and the final point of our album, which encompasses the elements of all the songs on this LP. To quote the booklet, “only when a man has overcome all the hardships and obstacles on his way is he able to overstep the outer limits and to touch the cherished dream.” That’s the idea we wanted to convey with this track and with the album as a whole.

I thought it symbolic to give the album the same title as this track. The band fully supported me on that.

Who did the cover work to the album and are you happy with it?

Our old friend Oleg Shcherbakov created an awesome cover for “The Outer Limits” (he also provided some assistance with the design of the booklet for the Russian version back in 2017).

His work exceeded our expectations – that’s how we imagined our artwork to be.

Which other bands do you think Selenseas are closely connected to musicwise? I read that fans of Sonata Arctica, Edguy and Lost Horizon would appreciate your music, do you agree?

Yeah, probably, why not! Some reviewers claimed to have heard influences of Iron Maiden, Stratovarius, Kamelot, Excalion, Fairyland or Serenity in our songs.

I looked at the four part album documentary you guys did on your Youtube channel. I thought it was a very informative video, what is the reason that not many have found the video yet?

We’re only getting started with developing our Youtube channel, and it hasn’t got many followers so far. We’ve recorded the documentary for our fans and those who would be interested to find out about the work we’ve put into releasing the album. We tried not to miss anything, and it turned out to be really informative!

Do you care about what media and critics say about your work?

Of course, we do care how well our music is received and what people say about it. We go through comments and reviews with great interest, especially if it’s constructive criticism. We try to listen to the feedback and make respective conclusions to improve our music further.

What did media and fans think of the first single “The Milky Way”?

The feedback was mostly favorable and most of our fans warmly welcomed Mikhail as our new vocalist. You can say, this single was his presentation. Listeners and media noted that our sound changed for the better, became more solid and full of detail.

I think the album is jammed with some great material and singer Kudrey does an amazing job. Do you have any special favorite song on the album?

Since I’ve written almost all the music, this is a tough question for me. It’s like asking a father which of his kids is his favorite. But I’d like to point out that I especially like Mikhail’s performance on “Dante” and “The Revenge of the Ifrit”, he put in some great emotion and conveyed the mood of these songs in a very accurate manner.


Studio and production

Tell me a bit about the studio work. Where was the album recorded, how long did it take to record, and who produced it?

We produced the album ourselves. Every member took part in this process, but the key decisions were made by me. The majority of the studio work was done from Aug. till Oct. 2019 at Sergei Lazar’s CDM Records. Mixing and mastering was also done there, from Jan. to Mar. 2020.

Where did all the guests record their parts?

Mariya Skryabina (flute) and Gamil Makhmutov (solo guitars) recorded their parts at Acatonia Records studio. Andrey Zodchiy and Sergei Lazar recorded their vocal parts at CDM Records. Aleksey Verbitsky and Ivan Garin worked at their home studios.

Is it hard to produce your own album? Meaning, is it difficult to stay objective and to be a kind of a boss of the rest of the members?

It sure is difficult. There are 6 members in the band, and they have their own opinions about the music. Tough decisions are sometimes necessary to avoid chaos. Sometimes it’s possible to compromise, sometimes it isn’t. Since I know my songs better that the others, I can see the whole picture and decide what’s better for the music and what should be avoided. Arguments may start, but they usually end as soon as everyone hears the results.

I always try to listen to each member’s ideas, we can do a majority vote in some cases, but I always have the last word.

The band is now very enthusiastic about moving forward, and I’ll be the one to lead the way.

How was it to work with Sergei Lazar who mixed and mastered the album?

Sergei Lazar is the best sound engineer I’ve ever worked with. He’s got tons of professional experience. He’s very serious and responsible about his work, and very understanding towards the musicians.

Working with him is a pleasure, and the results are awesome. Sergei is always very attentive to details and ready to give some valuable advice on how to improve the mix. We’re very grateful to him for his work and patience!

Label management

When did you sign with Rockshots Records and how many albums are you signed for?

We’ve signed the contract in May 2020. The deal includes one album – THE OUTER LIMITS. We were very happy to join Rockshots Records.

Was it hard to find a label outside Russia?

Very much so, especially with the coronavirus pandemic spreading around. The labels were mostly silent at that time. At some point we’re so desperate, we were ready to postpone the search until the end of the quarantine. Luckily, Rockshots Records contacted us and offered a deal. This was a big success for us, and we’re very excited about it!

Were there any other labels that showed interest in the band besides RR?

Yes, there were some more proposals. I can’t give you any more details, though, sorry!

Are you happy with the work the label have put into the band and the album so far?

We are. Thanks to RR, the whole world was able to discover our music. They’re great at their job. Thanks a lot, guys!

Is the album released world wide so far?

Yeah, it was released on Aug. 7th, 2020. Hooray!!

Is the THE OUTER LIMITS also being released in Russia or only in the rest of the world?

Thanks to RR, the album is released worldwide. We’re very happy about that because with previous labels, the release territory was restricted either by Russia only, or by Russia and a few European countries.

Is the album going to be released on vinyl?

We would like to have it released on vinyl but there are no specific plans so far. We’ll see. If the listeners will show an interest in vinyl, then why not!

What about Spotify and iTunes? is THE OUTER LIMITS available to listen to on the ‘net?

Yes, the album is available on all major digital platforms and streaming services.

Are you still connected to the Russian label SoundAge Productions which released the Russian version of the album?

SoundAge Productions distribute the Russian version of the album in Russia and some foreign countries.

The band also has  a Bandcamp site, is the album going to be for sale there?

Definitely, but just a bit later.

Are there many fans that have bought the Russian version of the album or the EP from your Bandcamp site?

Bandcamp is not our primary sales channel. Not so many listeners supported us there but we’re still happy about the support we received on that platform.

Do you currently work with any management?

Currently, we do the majority of the managerial work ourselves. But we’re looking for a manager or a management team.


Past and present

What’s the climate for hard rock and heavy metal music in Russia these days? I haven’t heard of many metal bands from Russia; is it hard to make it as a metal band?

There are plenty of talented and professional rock and metal bands in Russia, but few managed to gain success in Russia, and even fewer were successful abroad. The popular genres in our country are pop rock, alternative rock, punk rock, etc. Such bands have management teams and producers, they make music for a living and they can afford spectacular live shows. Metal, on the other hand, is mostly underground and it’s hard for a band to gather audience, even if the musicians are talented and ambitious. Russian listeners take more interest in European and American bands and are not very eager about supporting the local scene, especially younger bands. Due to lack of support, metal bands either turn to lighter styles in which they have more chances to gain popularity, or disband completely. A sad situation.

Are there many clubs or places for bands of the harder genre to perform at?

There is a sufficient number of clubs; some close, some open, some seem to be immortal. The problem is that even average-level metal band can barely fill up a club sometimes even failing to achieve half capacity. Imagine how tough it is for beginners. The event organizers often just make money off of young musicians in different ways.



The band has also got a really nice looking website, who runs it?

Our site ( is the result of my wife’s efforts – you should definitely come check it out! Svetlana designed it herself, down to every detail – she’s got some talent! She actually manages all our social media accounts and posts fresh news. Everything you can see on our official pages is her work!

You’re also active on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, is it important for the band to be active on the internet and do you get a lot of mails from fans? What’s the most common question they ask you?

Yes, we think it’s very important for a band to be active in the Internet and social media. You get closer to your fans and have more promotion opportunities worldwide. Even concerts are now held online.

We receive lots of messages from our listeners. The most frequent question is “when is your next gig?”

We do realize that our listeners miss our live performances very much, because due to recording activities and quarantine there was a long break. People also want to hear our new singer Mikhail live. We’re also very eager to perform and meet our fans once again.

The band’s got a Patreon site, what’s the purpose with that?

That’s for those who want some exclusive content from our band that is not available elsewhere.

We have just started our Patreon page recently and are planning to develop it further by posting some unique photos, videos and other interesting info.

Currently the band got about 2,000 likes on Facebook, do you think that amount is going to increase with the release of THE OUTER LIMITS?

We believe, the number is going to increase. We can see it grow already.

Are you happy with what you and the band have achieved so far in your career?

As of now, we’re happy with the results we’ve achieved. We’ve managed to reach all the goals we set this year. At last, we’ve managed to go worldwide, and we’re ready to move on, release new albums and reach new heights!

I read that the band performed live at your release party for the Russian version of the album back in 2017, at the Emergenza Festival in 2018-19 and at Revolution Festival in Moscow 2018, have you toured of performed more live besides those events?

Of course, those were not our only concerts! Despite frequent changes in the line-up, we managed to actively perform live in Russia from 2010 till 2012 and from 2015 till the end of 2018.

Any plans on heading out on tour or do shows in Europe or Asia when the Covid-19 virus has calmed down and restrictions are lifted?

Yes, we would very much like to tour Europe and Asia to support THE OUTER LIMITS after the COVID restrictions are lifted. We’re now looking for a booking company that would be able to help us with that.

Do you like to come over to Europe and play or tour?

We’ve never performed outside Russia before but we’d like to go on tour to other countries. We’re sure that the audience is amazing there! We’d be very excited to perform for them and put on a great show!

If you could dream where would your dream-show take place

Our dream venue is the main stage of Wacken Open Air.

Do you currently working on material to the next album?

Yes, we’ve already got a lot of great material written, enough for several albums.

We’re now working on 10 tracks picked for the second LP on rehearsals. The songs we’ve been practicing sound awesome already. The album will be more epic than this one, and heavier too. There are still lots of details to think through. We’ll have to write the lyrcis and work on the vocal parts.

Hopefully, by mid-2021 we’ll be able to hit the studio.

Where do you put the focus with THE OUTER LIMITS, do you aim for Europe or North America or any other parts of the world?

We’re primarily focused on Europe and Asia but we’re ready to consider interesting offers from any country.

Is the band going to continue to record albums on both Russian and English?

We’re inclined to release albums in English only, except for maybe some particular songs that could be released in our native language as bonus tracks.

What would you like to say to the ones who haven’t heard the music of Selenseas yet?

We’d like to encourage all heavy and power metal enthusiasts to give our music a spin. THE OUTER LIMITS was made with sincere love for the genre, and we do believe everyone can find a song for their own tastes.

Could you give them three good reasons why they should buy THE OUTER LIMITS?

1. This album is filled with powerful and epic sound, and each song has its own meaning, style and mood. At the same time, all the songs are united by the same atmosphere and are part of the same universe. They are portals, pages of a book, doors which will take you to different worlds and lead you to discover something interesting. All you need is but a single step across the boundary!

2. We produced it ourselves. We’ve put a tremendous deal of effort into each song and into every single detail, from the first note of the intro to the last page of the booklet. We’ve enlisted the help of awesome guest musicians and vocalists. Mixing and mastering are high-level too!

3. A thick 24-page booklet with awesome photos and pictures will not leave metal fans and collectors of beautiful CDs indifferent.

Well, thanks again for taking the time making this interview with me and Take care, stay healthy in these strange times and do you have any final words of wisdom to share with fans and readers?

Thanks a lot for the interview! You stay healthy too!

To all our listeners we’d like to wish best of luck and lots of good music.

Those who had no chance to listen to THE OUTER LIMITS so far are strongly recommended to do so. Don’t forget to leave your comments about the album in the social media.

You can also support our ongoing crowdfunding campaign – the funds raised from it will go to shooting of Selenseas’ music video. You can get some awesome rewards from the band for your support.

Stay metal!
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