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Ravage, the heavy metal act from Boston, MA, USA which formed in the mid 90’s will release the band’s new EP “The Worldwide Resistance” on November 2nd.

The new EP will feature four songs. Physical copies will only be available in one format – an extremely limited edition, engraved 12″ color vinyl limited to 300 worldwide copies.

The individual songs will also be made available for digital download and a Youtube video of the songs will be released on an exclusive Youtube channel prior to the physical release. The channel and streaming release date has yet to be announced.

Singer Al Ravage commented, “We are pleased to announce the release of our first new original music since “The Derelict City” EP CD back in 2018. This new EP is a sampling of some songs that we were working on for our upcoming full-length before the pandemic forced us to shut things down. We chose these tracks because the subject matter is in some ways reflective of some of the disturbing things we see going on in our country and in the world today and we decided it was time to have our say and speak out against some of the injustices we are seeing. We’re not politicians or experts, we’re just underground metal musicians but we feel if we can spread the word about encouraging mask-wearing to stem the spread of Covid, and shed some light on injustice and hate, we can make some small difference in the world. We’ve decided we’ve seen enough and it’s time to make a stand for civility, for justice, and for an end to the hate and bigotry. We’ll be donating all profits from this vinyl release and the t-shirts to charity.”

Physical copies will be distributed by the Die With Your Boots On metal and clothing shop.

You can now take advantage of a special pre-order package which includes a limited-edition EP cover t-shirt at this location.

The track listing for the EP is as follows…
1. The Worldwide Resistance
2. Know It All
3. Amazon Burning
4. The Derelict City (2020 remix)

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