Vanishing Point – Dead Elysium

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Vanishing Point – Dead ElysiumReviewed: August, 2020
Released: 2020, AFM Records
Rating: 3.5 / 5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

One of the biggest surprises this summer has brought is the return of Vanishing Point after a six-year long hiatus. They were a very successful band in the first decade of this century, sharing the stage with powerful bands on the scene such as Sonata Arctica, Helloween, Rhapsody and even Iron Maiden. After four very well developed albums, Vanishing Point became one of the most important bands from Australia. However, something happened at the beginning of the last decade because this band only released one album back in 2014.

DEAD ELYSIUM is the first Vanishing Point album in six years and it is a really great come back. The whole album stands on its own, with great music and great lyrics. It is the product of a new era and a new mindset in the band. However this doesn’t mean the band changed its style at all. We can still hear some of the most attractive elements that made this band one of the most popular acts back in the 2000’s. They combine great melodies at the intros with great riffs during the verses.

Plus, they add some very interesting progressive passages as interludes and as rhythmic basis for the verses making DEAD ELYSIUM not only a great comeback album but also a great work in its discography. We can clearly hear a band at its best shape musically speaking. This is the debut album for Damien Hall on drums who performs a really great work up to the level this band requires. This is also the debut album for Gaston Chin on bass guitar. Sadly, his instrument barely exists in the mix. This is a very constant defect in many bands: the bass sound disappears; and unfortunately Gaston Chin was not spared.

Anyway, DEAD ELYSIUM maintains the level of this band. The difficult thing comes now because we could practically say that they start from scratch. Will they be able to play alongside the great European bands again? The talent is clearly there. The band signed a contract with a new agency; let’s see if together they are able to put themselves back into a scene that has changed a lot since the last time we heard from them.




VANISHING POINT – Dead Elysium (Lyric Video)


VANISHING POINT – Salvus (Lyric Video)


Chris Porcianko – Guitars

Silvio Massaro – Vocals

James Maier – Guitars

Gaston Chin – Bass

Damien Hall – Drums

Dead Elysium Tracklist

  1. Dead Elysium

  2. Count Your Days

  3. To the Wolves

  4. Salvus

  5. The Fall

  6. Free

  7. Recreate the Impossible

  8. Shadow World

  9. The Healing

  10. The Ocean

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