Undead – Existential Horror

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Reviewed: September 2020
Released: 2020, Kadabra Music
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Pete Mutant

Undead were an unknown band for me but, I have to say, they will be one that sticks from now on. Their first full length effort ‘Existential Horror’ is a fine example of modern death metal which comes with plenty of everything that makes the subgenre just so darn amazing. They really pack a punch here with this album.

Their previous EPs were but a small token towards this grander project but they laid the groundwork well. The band have certainly found a consistent style merging force with rapid melodies which is key to a solid death metal style. It’s not overly technical, sometimes simple but pretty damn effective all the same.

I like the international background with the members hailing from Spain and London; especially how there’s that Latin accent to V. Repulse’s snarls and growls. There’s a cool rasp to them that blends well with the music. The best feature, for me, has to be the snare sound that Matias De Vallejo has honed and uses to great affect in tracks such as ‘Sarcophagus’ and ‘Beyond Divine Regulation’.

There’s some fairly standard but effective riffs throughout. None of them are mind blowing at all but they can be weighty and delivered with plenty of force. At first, I really wasn’t taking to them due to their basic nature (see the opening track ‘Haunted By Hate’ for an example of this). It’s pretty catchy though and some tracks have quite good staying power such as ‘Masters Of Mankind’. Undead are quite good at the old chorus delivery so these songs creep up from time to time and it’s hard to refuse the internal call of the tracks when they arise.

‘Existential Horror’ isn’t one for the histories but it’s a solid album and the band should be proud of what they created. It fits in nicely but offers a bit of difference from a lot of the modern death metal out currently. I can imagine that these tracks would be very effective in a live setting so it would be cool catching this band live once bands are able to start touring again soon. I think we’re all counting the nano seconds until that day arrives and hopefully Undead will be there to help put life back into the scene.



01 Haunted by Hate 2:55
02 Masters of Mankind 3:17
03 Sin & Death 3:25
04 Santa Muerte 4:18
05 City of Silence 3:36
06 Existential Horror 4:13
07 Curse of the Undead 4:01
08 Sarcophagus 3:26
09 Beyond Divine Regulation 3:25

Band line-up:

V. Repulse – vocals, guitars
A. Von Hell – guitars
J. Surt – bass
Matt de Vallejo – drums