Svederna – Härd

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Reviewed: September 2020
Released: 2020, Carnal Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Svederna, one of Sweden’s recent additions to its black metal horde are back with third studio album: Härd, which translates to “hearth” in their native tongue.

From their press release, they say a hearth is where all things melt until “only the truth remains,” and from my philosophical and ideologically charged analysis, we have a black metal tone soaked in anti-establishment agenda.

Having an agenda is nothing new in black metal, but this is the first of its ilk one has discovered in the Swedish black metal canon. One thing that says these guys mean business is how they pull no punches in the music.

You’ll be blown away by the incredible blasts that start off the album and keep it burning nicely till the end of the track. Something to turn the heads of all the raw black metal kids or those who yearn for the old school days of Marduk and the other Swedes who made their country a black metal powerhouse.

As we continue through the album to hear more of the anguish and spine-tingling chills of these blokes from Värmland, you begin to feel the cold and icy vibes of the world these men have lived in flash through you. By the time you get to “Skul Och Vitar Knogar” or “Tempelhärd”, it’s like wandering through a blizzard with the cold air in your ears till you reach your primitive land.

Guitars and drums pound like there’s no tomorrow and are accompanied by some very impressive screams and growls that will please anyone who digs the likes of Skogen, Taake or Nordjevel. Imagine those bands but with an agenda that takes on an anarcho-primitive way of life and not the occultism they are renowned for.

Overall, this is a musical fire that burns bright in dark and frosty settings. For the guys who love their black metal to sound like an endless snowstorm in a northern tundra, this is compulsive listening. Plus, for those who like their metal to come with new ideas and thought-provoking lyrics, add Svederna to your arsenal – providing you can understand Swedish.

Excellent job all round and impressive on numerous musical and artistic scores.



1. Den Arkaiska Rötan
2. Folkets Blod
3. Skuld Och Vita Knogar
4. Förtigen
5. Nidr
6. Tempelhärd
7. Sanndrömmar Om Evigt Lidande
8. Urkvedsljuset
9. Varsel
10. Androm Till Skräck Och Varnagel

Band line-up:

E. Weinestedt – Guitars
S. Frödeberg Karlin – Bass, guitars
J. Holmberg – Vocals
A. Thunarf – Drums, guitars

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