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Reviewed: September, 2020
Released: 2020/Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

SotuhernForce is a power metal band hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was formed by Ricardo Recofsky, after four long years searching for the right musicians to fit his own project. The band has already had some other lineups in the past, however, none could stay together long enough to create music. Recofsky started to compose the songs in 2012 and it was until august 2020 that he finally released the SouthernForce debut album called: SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME. To put it simply: if you miss the old classic Stratovarius 90’s era, this is definitively your band!

Once you watch the album cover you realize that the finnish band is one of the most important influences of SouthernForce. In fact, it was just after Recofsky learned how to play “Twilight Symphony” when he decided to create his own power metal band. It is his guitar and Franco Donati’s keyboards that are the main characters of this album. The most amazing fact is that it is a totally homemade production and the result is very positive. It was well recorded, the sound is great, the mix is very accurate and you can listen to every instrument without any problem.

They wrote the songs in English, which sometimes is an issue because the pronunciation is not so well performed in some verses. Juan Sánchez was the last member to join this band. It happened just last year. Even though he has a great voice, it is not so powerful. It seems like he has to slow down a little bit in order to reach the high notes. Even so, he never loses the intonation making his vocal lines really effective and impressive.

SouthernForce is a great revelation due to multiple factors. They not only achieved an awesome album but they incarnate the spirit of the genre itself. They have shown a really unbreakable will and put their hearts on every song. Even though the Stratovarius comparison might be some sort of a bait to listen to, this band deserves a chance to be recognized by its own rights.


SouthernForce – Breaking Mirrors (Official Homemade Music Video)

Line up:

Juan Sanchez – Vocals
Ricardo Recofsky – Guitars
Franco Donatti – Keyboards
Juan Chinizón – Bass
Raúl Sciarrillo – Drums


  1. Intro (Before the Time)

  2. Southern Lands

  3. Breaking Mirrors

  4. Chronos’ Fall

  5. Always Your Fate

  6. The Inner Writer

  7. Destiny Call

  8. The Atlantis Memories (Interlude)

  9. The Last Light on the Horizon

  10. What Have We Done?

  11. Since the Beginning of Time

  12. Always Your Fate (Acoustic Version)