Sonic Circus – Everything

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Reviewed: September 2020
Released: 2020, self-released
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Rebecca Bush

Sonic Circus released their debut single ‘Princess Blues’ and made their live debut to a sold out show at the Cherry Bar, back in 2018. Now the Australian rock trio make their return with their debut album, ‘Everything‘, produced by Chris Themelco and mastered by Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Shihad, Birds of Tokyo). ‘Everything‘ weaves an interesting tale of drug addiction and besting personal demons.

Straight away, Sound Circus debut their new single as the opening track to ‘Everything‘ setting the tone and mood for the rest of the album. ‘Aeroplane‘ is an eclectic mix of moody ambience, crunching guitars and even the odd bongo or two, which guides into the first track as well. Without knowing much about the band or their history, ‘Aeroplane‘ feels like a ‘read between the lines’ kind of song, knowing that the album covers the story of drug addiction, and the prominent line, ‘I swear I’ll let you go’ sounds like the memory of a reluctance to let the substance go. ‘You’re throwing it all away,’ seems to confirm the feeling. It feels a strange choice to showcase this track as the introduction to an album, but perhaps the story of the record will lighten as the minutes fly by.

Over the Line‘ is the second track on ‘Everything‘, and straight away delivers a funkier, punchier rhythm, giving us a taste of the more anthemic possibilities of the Aussie trio. Track three, and the titular track of this album, ‘Everything‘ feels like a summary of this album, which if you are a big fan of melodic/funk rock, will suit you right to the ground; unfortunately as a listener from outside of the genre, it feels lacking in diversity.

The River‘ gives the album the kick in the teeth that was sorely needed, it revitalises the listener and gets that foot tapping. It gives us a heavier, rockier melody, and, for me, is the first stand out track on this album, and certainly the most memorable. With a beautifully executed solo and pounding backing rhythm, this is definitely the track to hold out for from the Australians.

Bringing Me Down‘ is another track with a great introduction with the addition of some electronic sounds for a little spice, it seems Sonic Circus definitely held onto their heavier tracks for the second half of this album, but still leaves me wanting slightly more. Another exceptional solo stands out in the track, which is something the first half of this album desperately needed, something just to pick those initial tracks up a little.

The final track on ‘Everything‘ is ‘Take Me Away‘, and it leads us in with a sombre note, the echoing of a guitar being plucked beneath a morose melody. I feel I wanted more from this collection of tracks, as it did feel a little linear throughout, but on the other hand I feel Sonic Circus perfectly delivered the message they wanted to share, and it comes across heartfelt and honest.

Everything‘ is released 20th November 2020.



1.) Aeroplane
2.) Over the Line
3.) Everything
4.) The River
5.) Bringing Me Down
6.) Take Me Away