Sensory Amusia – Bereavement

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Reviewed: [September 2020]
Released [2020 Lacerated Enemy Records]
Rating [4/5]
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Sometimes good things really do come in small packages. The new EP from Australia’s Sensory Amusia delivers some of the most corrosive and fearsome extreme metal around in a murderously efficient 18-minutes that will definitely leave you wanting more.

The second EP in two years for the Perth-based trio, after a six-year gap that followed their debut full-length Disrepair, goes right for the throat on the minute-long intro, titled “Intro.” A cascade of riffs played over a fusillade of blast beats and double bass rolls, courtesy of guest drummer Kevin Paradis of French grinders Benighted, it forgoes the usual atmospherics or drama and lets rip. Guitarist Shaun Maloney’s playful mimicry of a didgeridoo at the end, though is a nice, cheeky touch.

From there, tracks like “Death,” Beast” and “Pain” pretty much play out as advertised with a lethal blend of death metal, tech-death and death/grind/hardcore. Bits and pieces of everyone from The Aborted to Suicide Silence can be heard in the Sensory Amusia’s agile, super heavy and often turbulent chaotic bluster, as can, quite literally, Aussie influences The Amenta and Earth Rot – with frontmen Cain Cressel and Jared Bridgeman lending their respective voices to “Death” and “Beast.”

Where the surging “Beast” plays things pretty straight and borders on catchy with its meaty hooks, “Pain” and “Absolute” are rather chaotic their epileptic time changes, Maloney’s flighty guitaring and dubstep-like breakdowns. The term “whiplash-inducing” definitely applies here. Meantime, Jei Doublerice does just fine here handing the vocal gymnastics on his own, adjusting his jet-engine roars to flame-throwing screams as he bird-dogs the musical tumult.

Yet just when things are getting really interesting, it’s over. But there’s something to be said about dropping the mic and leaving on a high note – a la George Costanza – before good things start heading south. And with its mean-ass songs, crushing production and razor-sharp execution, Bereavement is pretty much all good things.


Sensory Amusia

Track List
1. Intro
2. Death
3. Beast
4. Pain
5. Absolute

Jei Doublerice – vocals
Shaun Maloney – guitars
Joel Parkyn – bass
Kevin Paradis – session drums

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