Helion Prime – Question Everything

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Helion Prime - Question EverythingReviewed: August, 2020
Released: 2020, Saibot Reigns
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Two years after its sophomore album, Helion Prime is back with a new full length called: QUESTION EVERYTHING, marking a very important step not only musically but also as a band, because this is the first album released under its own label: Saibot Reigns. This shows how the band is not only focusing on creating great music but also managing themselves as a professional power metal act. Coming from Sacramento, California, Helion Prime is one of the best exponents of North American power metal; the band brings together many characteristics that make North American power metal a very different one from European or Latin American and this new album confirms it.

In first place we have the Jason Ashcraft guitars, mastermind of this group. He is a very riff-minded performer. His compositions reach thrash boundaries without losing a melodic profile. In short: we can consider him as one of the most successful heirs of the Jon Schaffer style. An almost non-existent style in European power metal.

However, one of the biggest novelties on this album is the use of a set of orchestral strings. This took the compositional level of the band to another level, combining up to three melodies in one piece, as in “The gadfly”. Only elite power metal composers like Jani Liimatainen often use more than two melodies in their songs. For this reason, QUESTION EVERYTHING places Helion Prime on a very interesting level.

This album also marks Mary Zimmer’s official debut on vocals. Although her performance is good, it is not really great or memorable. Her vocal lines are very precise, but there is not a single memorable moment; everything remains on a normal average. But please don’t get me wrong: she is a really great singer; it’s just that the music of this album over-passed her, eclipsed her. We must wait to see her live to really appreciate how good she may be as a front women.

With great sound, great production and a very well established lineup, the real battle for Helion Prime will not take on the musical ground but on finding the right way to reach the mainstream scene and hit the big stages not only in America but around the world. There are a lot of very talented bands that could not get out from the underground and ended up forgotten. This must not be the case.



Track Listing:

  1. The Final Theory

  2. Madame Mercury

  3. Prof

  4. The Gadfly

  5. Photo 51

  6. E Pur Si Muove

  7. Words of the Abbot

  8. The Forbidden Zone

  9. Question Everything

  10. Reawakening

  11. Kong at the Gates (Misfits cover)

Helion Prime


Jason Ashcraft – Guitars

Mary Zimmer – Vocals

Jeremy Steinhouse – Bass

Alex Bosson – Drums

Chad Anderson – Guitars

Websites:  helionprimemetal.com/