Abstract Symphony – The Hidden Empire (single) Ft. Mark Boals

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Abstract Symphony Review Date: September 2020
Released: 2020, RFL Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: RC2000

All the way from Valparaíso, Chile comes the latest single from neoclassical power-metallers Abstract Symphony, “The Hidden Empire”. Three years have passed since the band independently released their debut album OUT OF THE ASHES INTO THE LIGHT. Since then they’ve signed with RFL Records, and this single is taken from their upcoming album TARTARIA: THE EMPIRE HIDDEN FROM HISTORY. The cover art is well done and looks like something you’d see in an Underworld movie.

The band started out as a tribute act to Yngwie Malmsteen, so it’s only fitting that Mark Boals performs guest vocals on “The Hidden Empire”. According to band founder Esteban Ulloa the song was written with Mark’s vocals in mind – even before he was brought on board – and it really shows. There is plenty of guitar work and it takes a strong voice to soar above it.

Based on what I hear in the single, I think you could remove the ‘neoclassical’ label – but that’s debatable and a minor nitpick. The track gallops along with lots of energy and certainly qualifies as power metal. I checked out some of their earlier work and it has more of a neoclassical flair, so it will be interesting to hear what the rest of the new album is like. Mark Boals definitely set the bar high for vocalist Marcelo Carvajal.

There’s lots of talent here, and I can see why Abstract Symphony has garnered a lot of praise in their native Chile. Worth checking out for fans of power metal in general.


Track Listing:

1. The Hidden Empire


Esteban Ulloa V. – Lead Guitars

Esteban Ulloa C. – Guitars

Christopher Farias – Bass

Marcelo Carvajal – Vocals

Eduardo Gongora – Keyboards

Sebastian Aviles – Drums

Mark Boals – Special Guest Vocals on “The Hidden Empire”