Artach presents a black metal cover of a glam metal classic by Cinderella

Artach - Night Songs
Spread the metal:

Here’s something you won’t hear every day, a black metal band paying homage to a glam metal band. The cover is done in the band’s own raw black metal style, it’s clearly not a carbon copy.

The bands says:

“We are pleased to present you with our blackened & bastardized version of a song that you wouldn’t expect us to cover. “Night Songs” by Cinderella is from that band’s best, and debut album from 1986 which blended a harder metal edge than the bands later works as it combined more of a Judas Priest meets AC/DC feel. The title track has a bit of a doomy feel to it and we gave it our own spin, as cover songs should never be carbon copies of the original, otherwise, why bother? We hope you like it!”

ARTACH – “Night Songs” (Cinderella Cover)