Helion Prime Interview with Jason Ashcraft (rhythm guitar)

Interview by Cristóbal Torres

What have you learned from the two previous albums that have allowed you to improve on this third album?

Both albums have brought different learning experiences. The first Helion Prime album was the first album where I went for a “big” release. Up until then with my band Dire Peril we had just released small EPs. That album gave me a quick crash course on how to properly record for an album. Up until then, I didn’t really have anyone to coach me on the do’s and don’ts. I remember being so proud of knocking out the rhythm guitars in like two days just to be told “hey these suck do them all again”. The second I really took away that even if you think you’re ready and 100% prepared…you probably aren’t. Pre-Production and proper planning are very crucial to the process.

Helion Prime - Question Everything
Helion Prime – Question Everything

What’s behind the album title; the song is a kind of invitation to be less naive in these modern times?

The album title plays on the theme of the album. I was inspired by a book I was reading at an old job about Galileo. It sparked the idea to write an album paying tribute to those who weren’t afraid to question what was considered “Fact” in their times. If they had not stood up and said “No, I think this is wrong” I do not believe we’d be where we are today. The album and title weren’t inspired by anything modern but what timing for it to be released.


What challenge did this album entail on a compositional level?

I wouldn’t say any really. I approached this album the same way I have approached all of mine. Try and create something I’m proud of and to the best of my abilities and hope that others like it as much as me! haha. Thankfully I had a great team behind me. The band, bringing Alex Nasla on to help construct the keys and of course working with Heather Michele again.


You have already released three albums with three different vocalists, how have you managed so that this has not affected the sound and the essence of the band?

When there is only one songwriter that is rather easy. haha


This is the second album in which Chad Anderson participates, in what way has his role in the band evolved (especially as a guitar partner) and how is that evolution expressed in this third album?

Chad has almost been with this band since the beginning just not “officially”. We’ve been close friends for years. Chad of course writes his own solos to the songs and he contributes a lot more behind the scenes. He’s been the guy taking care of our live setups, backing tracks. He’s the tech-savvy of the group.

What is the current status of your relationship with AFM Records; are you still with them or you’re no longer with that label?

We are no longer with AFM but I would say our relationship is still good. I like all the guys and gals at AFM. They treated us well and are great people.


Why did you decide to create your own label and are the benefits of doing so?

We didn’t really create our own label. That’s just to have something to put down when asked. It’s a completely independent release.


As a band, what would you need in order to hit the big stages; do you think this is a matter of talent or it takes something else?

I think talent is of course important but you also need the drive and dedication. It’s not something that happens overnight. You can try for years and years and still get nowhere, then you get somewhere, THEN you take three steps backward. You have to love it and want it and keep moving forward. Don’t let anything let you lose focus of the goal. If the big stage is of course the goal.


What are your plans to promote this album keeping in mind that touring right now is not an option?

Lots of videos! haha. We plan to make some kind of video for each song. Maybe do a live stream down the way?

Thanks a lot for your time! Any final comment to all the readers who are just about to listen to your brand new album?

Thanks so much! We hope everyone enjoys the album and it can inspire them in some way as it has inspired us. The theme is something very important to me and I hope others will grasp onto it as I did.





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