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NDRBelow is the message from NDR:

Initially, my activity begun under the name Paranoid Records somewhere in 2001.

The plan was CD, cassette distribution, licence release and own edition.

Especially, I distribute the products of the Hungarian Hammer Music under the name RM Shop, but I have also worked with some independent Hungarian, Transylvanian bands, and nowdays I collaborate with some underground labels as High Roller Records (DE), Skol Records (PL), too.

After 19 years the time has come to realize something from the initially plans.

And now I want to try to release something  under the label „ndr”.

This is some kind of attempt, not too big thing.

I don’t’wanna be a mammoth label .

This work will be some kind of hobby.

For the first step I’m looking for independent bands for a compilation cassette. Independent means: not in contract with anyone!

So, I’m looking for bands with prog, power, dark metal influences like Anathema (The silent enigma era), Annihilator (Never neverland, Set the world of fire era), Arcturus, Avalon, Darkstar, Deadsoul Tribe, Cea Serin, Crimson Glory, Eldricht (Il Nino era), Evergrey, Fight (War of words era), Mercenary (11 dreams era), Moonspell, Psychotic Waltz, Riot V, Savatage, Sentenced (Amok, Down era), Thy Catafalque, Watchtower (Concepts of Math) , Witherfall, etc.

As for the power metal, I think of American power like Iced Earth, not European power…

Since, the storage capacity of a cassette is finite, I can only accept maximum 5-minute tracks.

Due to the lots of things, for example how many bands will be on this compilation, the final decision will be born, when the search is finished.

I will try to reply to everyone, but please be patient.

So, as I wrote above, this project is some kind of hobby, the budget is very low, approx zero = 0!

I don’t have international experience, on local small market only, and discogs, ebay experience.

Don’t expect a big deal from me.

This project will run in the spirit of recycling and it will be released on re-recorded cassette.

Yes, that means, I will use used cassette tapes and the project will be limited edition, 22 copies only! Quality will be guaranteed!

It will made with a really old school spirit, but the covers will be printed.


If You are interesting in this crazy project, send me an e-mail: rmshop12[at]gmail[dot]com.

Send me a link to the track which you would like to be on this compilation.

The application deadline 30th September 2020.

As soon as I finish my search and select the right bands, we sign a contract with each band. Contract = nothing big deal.

But I will reply to everyone, even those whose song will not be part of this compilation cassette. My request: to be patient!

Thank You!

Endre Schervenka


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