Veonity – Sorrows

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Reviewed: August, 2020
Released: 2020, Scarlet Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

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Formed in 2013, Sweden’s Veonity will release their fourth studio album SORROWS on August 21 via Scarlett Records. Veonity is yet another Swedish power metal band from a country who has comfortably led innovation in melodic death metal in the 90s and now has some of the finest power metal bands in the world. SORROWS is an album constructed in a more muscular power metal style than most of the Italian variety, but that does not mean it is without ambition, bombast or over-the-top technicality. Power metal is a demanding style, and Veonity are up to the task.

Expectedly, the album opens with a quiet instrumental, a part of the metal template in several subgenres these days. Consider “Graced or Damned” the proper introduction to SORROWS, with its forceful staccato verse rhythms and Anders Sköld’s versatile vocal range moving from low to mid-register to the upper ranges in the chorus. For festival friendly major key sing a-longs, look no further than “Back Into The Dark”, a song that packs a lot of variety into just over five minutes. “Center of the Storm” is the deep album track winner, and my personal favorite with a riff that sticks in the brain. Thematically, SORROWS does not follow the conceptual album story of previous efforts, but tackles mature issues like grief, betrayal, and loneliness.

Those familiar with Veonity will find the band has seen no reason to change much in their sound or delivery. Double kick drumming, loads of fiery guitars, ambitious technical music and some progressive passages abound. Everything is packaged in a well-suited mix and mastering respectively from Ronny Milianowicz and Tony Lindgren, whose work with Dragonforce and Powerwolf is essentially replicated here. Veonity is a band that plays to their strengths, knows what works, and sticks with it. This is simply a solid and enjoyable album.

From a critical perspective, there is no new ground being broken here, and truthfully there are probably a few dozen or more bands producing equal or superior power metal compared with Veonity. That does not make this album unworthy, but better suited to dedicated and passionate power metal fans and completists that consume all worthy power metal. More casual fans will find SORROWS a well-constructed and enjoyable album that checks off all the boxes but is hardly essential.


Track Listing:

1. BrokenBand
2. Graced Or Damned
3. Back In To The Dark
4. Blinded Eyes Will See
5. Where Our Memories Used To Grow
6. Acceptance
7. Free Again
8. Center Of The Storm
9. War
10. Fear Of Being Alive


Anders Sköld : Vocals, Guitars
Samuel Lundström : Lead Guitar
Kristoffer Lidre : Bass
Joel Kollberg : Drums


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