Guardian Of Lightning – Cosmos Tree

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August 2020
July 17th, 2020 / Eclipse Records
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine


Guardian Of Lightning has unleashed their powerful debut, COSMOS TREE, to the masses. These guys are an upstart out of Sao Paolo, Brazil, forming in late 2017. Their mission? To create a sound that is all their own. They dub their brand of music as “Thunder Metal.” And proudly shouting to the sky, “we are the first Thunder Metal band.” Great, another sub-genre.

What is Thunder Metal, you ask? Well, it is a metal sound that replaces the traditional lead guitar entirely and replaces it with a heavy, lead bass guitar. What do you think? Well, I must say it is pretty damn cool. It does create a thunderous sound.

Musically, this is an eclectic mix of genres. A list of what does not influence these guys may be shorter than what does. The album is full of doom, stoner, post-rock, NWOBHM, to 70’s prog. Those are what I gather up after a few runs through the disc. What I have enjoyed the most is that even with all the ingredients going on here, it is as cohesive as it gets. It all comes together in the right way.

To make things simple, this is a heavy metal album with a ton of bass right out front. Iron King does a fabulous job taking the lead on bass. Could this really be a new thing in the world of metal? We shall see. But for now, all you get is Guardian Of Lightning. And really, that’s all you need as they do it well.

The album is not too heavy, and it does have some atmospheric-ish spots to it. And I can say that there may also be a few breaks in individual tracks that maybe, could have been reworked a touch, but hey, I’m not the artist or producer. I’m just a listener. Overall, the Lemmy / Byford style vocals fit well with the powerful drums and churning bass riffs. There are moments of, “What? Motorhead?” But those thoughts are quickly dismissed as the tracks progress.

All you need to know now is that you need to know Guardian Of Lightning. These guys are a refreshing listening experience for the hard rocking, metal world.

1. Intro
2. Cosmos Tree
3. Raise Your Sword
4. Sound of Thunder
5. Aligned With the Stars
6. Follow Your Silver Shine
7. Inside of Us
8. Another Place
9. Be Like the Moon

Marco Fino (Markão) – Vocals, Guitars
Iron King – Lead Bass
Lord Drum (Fabio Belodi) – Drums, Keyboard