Evilcult – At The Darkest Night

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August 2020
June 6th, 2020 / Awakening Records
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine


Evilcult metal! With a name like this and a cover like that, only one thing comes to mind. Pure thrash metal, right? For the most part, yes. But of course, these days, we must also include any other sub-genre that is in the mix. If this album would have come out back in the ’80s, thrash it would be, as their sound is genuinely reminiscent to that of the bands of the day.

Using the term ‘old-school’ is starting to get tiring to me. But here I am trying, trying, and nope, these guys have a sound that is as old-school as it gets. And a sound that is as vibrant as ever in the real world of metal.

These two guys from Brazil formed in 2016 and had released an EP, EVIL FORCES COMMAND to much acclaim in the South American metal scene. We are now fortunate to have Awakening Records pick the band up and give them a much more deserved worldwide release with AT THE DARKEST NIGHT.

To break it down, Evilcult tends to draw some influences of pure speed and traditional heavy metal. The traditional metal side is used loosely, but they blend it well with a mixture of unrefined black and thrash metal chaos to create a signature, hell-bent behemoth of an album. Evilcult’s music is a style that does not come easy for some, but with Evilcult, it does.

Sonically, Evilcult hits all the marks. Although a little hollow sounding at times, if one wants to be picky, to me, it seems to have the perfect sound quality when portraying satanism, evil forces, blasphemy, and witchcraft in their lyrics. That accompanied with some of the most intense riffs around, this album has, and is a great listen.

“Evilcult blends powerful riffs and roaring vocals like Cruel Force and Deathhammer with the classic atmosphere of older Sodom, Destruction and Running Wild. AT THE DARKEST NIGHT is a heavy dose of adulterated metal that has been forged in fire, steel, and sulfur. Prepare for the summoning of ancient forces!”

1. Drunk by Goat’s Blood
2. Sons of Hellfire
3. Nocturnal Attack
4. Eternal Cult of Darkness
5. Burning Leather
6. Army of the Dead
7. Unholy Knights
8. Necro Magic

Blasphemer – Drums
Lucas “From Hell” – Vocals, Guitars