Cardiac Arrest – The Day That Death Prevailed

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CARDIAC ARREST – The Day That Death Prevailed

Reviewed: August 2020
Released: 27 July 2020, Boris Records/ Memento Mori
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Annalisa Orlando

Staunch and pleasantly straightforward death metal from Chicago veterans.

The record kicks off with “Thrive On Fear” with a howling siren. It’s a real headbanger, the best of roaring, aggressive death metal, with screeching vocals. The pace does not let up by “Naegleric Outbreak”, which is brash, aggressive and with an almost cheerful, toe-tapping beat. Its belligerent, happy, destructive tone is hard not to be won over by. Like a Mexican wrestler in coloured spandex, this track invites the listener into the fun of rough and tumble. “Naegleria Outbreak” has some great hardcore riffs and breakdowns, stompy and fun. “A Call To Violence” remains infectious, even when this track reaches it’s heaviest, it’s most knuckle-dragging.

I found the jolly, straightforward heaviness of this album both endearing and enticing. It’s brutal, yes, and very persuasive, in its ability to rock a killer riff, with some growly, death-metal goodness.

The only thing I could level against this record is that, although it is profoundly entertaining and well-executed, it isn’t particularly revolutionary. It sits neatly in the conventions of death metal, which admittedly isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I think this record is a hoot and a half, and it definitely raised my spirits.



Cardiac Arrest

1. Thrive on the Fear
2. Naegleric Outbreak
3. Birth of Hideki
4. Plague Ridden Destiny
5. A Call for Violence
6. Eradicate the Masses
7. Endless Dread
8. Sodomite
9. Up from Oblivion

Band line-up:

Adam Scott – Vocals, guitar
Dave Holland – Vocals, bass
Jim Deabenderfer – Drums
Tom Knizner – Vocals, guitar

Band Websites:

Cardiac Arrest Facebook

Memento Mori Facebook 

Boris Records Facebook