Bull Elephant – Created From Death

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Reviewed: August 2020
Released: 2020, Eat Lead and Die Music
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Rossy Maguire

UK anonymous collective BULL ELEPHANT will release its second album, Created From Death, in August on Eat Lead and Die Music.

The album, part two in the BULL ELEPHANT trilogy mythos, picks up where the debut ended. The eponymous creature, originally resurrected to fight occultist Ahnenerbe SS just before the outbreak of world war, has been destroyed and reconstructed into human form; then placed into the care of a renegade ape. The child’s witch-mother sacrifices herself so the duo can escape and they live in exile for several years, attempting to remain hidden from the enemy.

There are no specific words to describe how disjointed but exciting this new album is as I found myself slowly grooving to the stoner rock riffs, but then suddenly startled by the sudden shift to death metal vocals.

From Created From Death to Wayfarer, the listener is taken on a musical journey through the mystical and mysterious minds of Bull Elephant. Whether that is through the droney elements of stoner rock/doom metal which seems to be present in every song or the old school heavy metal in Cult of the Black Sun Nemesis, this is surely an album that a listener will not be disappointed with.

One song that I found stood out from the rest is the shortest one Perverted Science. Throughout my listening of this song, I developed a sense of Judas Priest based on the vocals but supplemented by the thrashy guitar/drums elements from the well-known Thrash metal scene.

This new album receives a grand 4/5 as the unexpected changes in sound are welcome, and I found myself consistently engaged with this continuation of an already established story.


Track Listing:

1 Created From Death
2 Oneiromantic Rites
3 Lebensraum
4 Cult of the Black Sun Nemesis
5 Last Defilement
6 Perverted Science
7 Escape to the Arctic
8 Wayfarer


Anonymous Collective