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Interview with PERSEKUTOR – Vlad the Inhaler (vocals)

Interview by Jack Merry

We sat down with Ice Metal band PERSEKUTOR to discuss the upcoming debut album and more!

Hey and thank you for your time. Please state your name and position in the band.

Vlad the Inhaler, vocalisations.

You are set to release your first full-length studio album, “Permanent Winter”, in September of this year, how did the theme of the freezing cold come about and how did this influence the band’s overall sound? Is this a theme you will stick with going forward?

Winter is the cruellest and most expensive month – heating bill, frostbite, flu season, bad road condition, no crops, blizzard, icicle through the head. Always the threat of freezing to death if lost in the woods with no pants. The concept of “Permanent Winter” is also a direct opposite to reality – the planet is burning up from global warming, but we prefer a frozen alternative to burning alive. How is that influencing the sound? All riffs are ice cold, baby. And yes, we will be having more ice songs on the next album.

How would you describe the music of PERSEKUTOR to someone who has never heard it?

Persekutor is like if AC/DC is listening to black metal or if Iron Maiden is played half-speed by cavemen.

The album cover for your new album “Permanent Winter” is incredibly striking, who created that piece? Did you communicate and collaborate much with the artist at all, or was it just something you saw and really liked?

Many thanks! Jef Whitehead of Leviathan & Lurker of Chalice created this great work especially for us. I communicated the image we are wanting for cover and he did a brilliant job. “Blood cascade” in the background is his idea!

PERSEKUTOR – Permanent Winter

How do PERSEKUTOR go about writing and recording music, is it a band effort or do you have one chief songwriter?

I am writing all songs and recording the demos at home. The guys in the band learn the songs and are playing much better than me!

Being a relatively new band, do you have any plans to tour in support of the album when lockdown restrictions are lifted?

Yes. When Planet Virus is concluded, we are hoping for big touring and maximum appearance at European festivals – Wacken, Hellfest, Roadburns, etc.

Do you have a favourite track from “Permanent Winter” and why?

Too difficult to pick a favourite track. All are super hits!

Where do you draw your influences from when it comes to producing new music and lyrics?

Influence can come from anywhere, but lately listening to a lot of W.A.S.P., Def Leppard, and Judas Priest. New lyrics are influenced by a combination of fantasy headache, forgotten crimes, and lethal snowstorm.

Do you think image is important when being in a band?

Yes. Some of the best bands are having a super cool image: KISS, Immortal, AC/DC (Angus Young’s school uniform), Motörhead, Thin Lizzy, Wendy O Williams, Runaways, etc.


What is it like touring? Do you all get on all the time? Or do you have times you need space from each other?

No touring yet, but hopefully soon!

Is there anywhere you would like to play and haven’t yet? Are there any bands you like to tour with in the future?

We are wanting to tour Europe as soon as possible. Touring with Ghost or Abbath would be quite good.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which 3 albums would you want with you?

Ice T – Original Gangster, Thin Lizzy – Black Rose, Myrkur – Folkesange. But if you asked the same question tomorrow, I would probably be saying three different albums…


Are there any musicians you would love to collaborate on material with in the future, and if so, why?

We are wanting Mutt Lange to produce our next album.

How do you think the music industry has changed over the years? Or is the music industry how you thought it would be when first starting a band?

It seems like there is a lot less money for bands these days. Many people think that music should be free, etc. Less groupies and also cocaine for your face.

Do you think it’s important for a band to be signed to a label to be recognised in today’s society?

I do not know the answer to this question, but we are happy to have the support from Svart Records.

What are your views on bands who give away their music free on social media? Do you think this is a good beneficial marketing idea, or should fans be paying to purchase tracks?

I think fans supporting bands with the purchase of music or merchandising is always very positive for everyone.


What genres of music do you like to listen to personally? Any new bands that have caught your attention recently?

For newer bands, I am very much enjoying the music of Bob Vylan (UK), Hallas (Sweden), Skeleton (US and A).

Were you given any advice from other bands before starting out? Any lasting tips that have stuck with you?

The best advice is always “Don’t eat this yellow snow.”

In your opinion, what are the pro’s/cons of being in a band?

Almost everything is pro. The only cons so far are the stabbing at our very first USA show and hauling so much heavy gear around, but soon we will have many roadies to do this for us, yes.

What do you like to do outside of music? Any hobbies?

Hobbies include drug binges, dressing in the style of 1970s African dictator, and long walks on the beach.

Thank you for your time, is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Many thanks for your support!  Listen to our album Permanent Winter on repeat and you will become a better person!