Interview with ENTARTUNG

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Interview with ENTARTUNG

Interview by Annalisa Orlando

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Hey! Thank you for your time. Please state your name(s) and position(s) in the band.

I go by the alias Vulfolaic and take care of vocals, bass and keys. All guitars are done by Lykormas, while Haistulf tackles the drums and percussion.

Could you tell us a little about your music-making history? Have you been musical from an early age, or is it a passion you developed later on?

It definitely was a passion that I developed rather late, being in my mid-teens. The mainstream music we were bombarded with in the early nineties didn’t appeal to me, so I assumed I wasn’t interested in music in general. After getting exposed to the standard gateway hard rock and metal bands, I quickly became immersed in death and black metal and started making music myself.

I know you are a trio. Could you tell me a little about the pros and cons of making music in a small group, rather than a classic five/four-person band?

I don’t see any downsides to being in a band with a basic line-up. We don’t need two guitar players, an extra keyboard player or whatever. It’s easier to maintain focus and there are fewer distractions with less people around.

You guys have been making music together since 2011. What makes you gel so well creatively? Do you have individual strengths and weaknesses that complement each other?

There are several reasons why it works really well; there isn’t any ego nonsense, we respect and appreciate each other, we know which role we need to play and we don’t have any ulterior motives to be in this band.

Do you do anything outside of music? Like a day job, hobby, or another creative outlet?

A job is part of daily life, of course. Some other bands might complain that they expect their music to pay the bills, but I actually prefer it this way: it enables us to do exactly what we want with Entartung without worrying about the commercial and financial consequences of our artistic choices. We do not feel pressured to write music for a big audience – we only do what fits our vision.

We all are in other bands/projects next to Entartung, too.

Besides music I’d say we share an interest in outdoor life, working out, firearms, …

What makes Maleficae Artes different from your previous releases?

I wouldn’t say it is necessarily very different when you put it next to our previous album, but I do believe you can hear a clear evolution when you listen to all of our albums. The production style of “Krypteia” (2012) and “Peccata Mortalia” (2014) was very different compared to the two latest albums. The compositions have definitely become more elaborate with more twists and turns. As far as the lyrics go, I think they changed for the better on the second album and onwards.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?

I am not too concerned with labels. We would describe our music as “black metal” if we really need to call it something. The best thing is of course not to listen to a description of our music, but to the music itself.

Do you have a favourite track from the new album?

Currently, I would say “Bortförd,” but that could be different again tomorrow.

I noticed that there was a strong conceptual voice throughout the album. Are your songs ordered in a linear story or are they more loosely tied together in the concept of the album?

Lyrically they are not, but we do believe in the surplus-value of having strategically placed tracks in a certain order within the framework of an album. It takes the listener on a journey, even to places that seemingly wouldn’t have made sense by itself. This as opposed to the current mentality of just listening to individual tracks here and there with an immediate sense of gratification.

Compare it to reading an entire book or watching a full movie instead of only sampling the “exciting” parts without any context.

What are your favourite bands at the moment? Can you recommend us something to listen to?

I’m afraid I’m not able to recommend any new bands. When it comes to metal I have been mainly listening to old death, black and heavy metal in the past couple of days. Non-metal listening sessions include industrial/martial, some atmospheric, and classical music.

Did you have a tour in the works? Any plans to visit the rest of Europe and showcase your new album in future?

No, we are not a live band. Given current events, I doubt anyone will be touring soon anyway.

Tell us a little about your relationship with black metal and the black metal scene. What makes it better or worse than others for you than other genres of metal? Do you enjoy the culture surrounding it, or are there things you would change?

I would say that it is somewhat of an illusion to say that there is such a thing as a “scene” with common ideals, goals, … Maybe there once was, several decades ago.

In the end, you can only count on yourself – and that’s exactly what we are doing.

I was surprised by the melodic elements throughout the album along with a few novel elements, such as maniacal laughter. Was your aim to experiment in Maleficae Artes?

We don’t experiment for the sake of experimentation, but we are quite open to trying new things throughout the recording, arranging, and mixing phases if it allows us to enhance the atmosphere we are after.

Could you tell us a little about how the songwriting process went? Was this an easy record to make or did you encounter some creative difficulties?

Lykormas is the main songwriter. He goes in full isolation writing mode and presents the material to Haistulf and me when he feels he is done. Subsequently, I try to associate a number of lyrical themes with his material, which we thoroughly discuss and evaluate. This might end up having an influence on the arrangements, as we like to make lyrics and music one.

This whole process went relatively smoothly on this album. In the past, this wasn’t always the case, but four albums in, we know each other very well. We also try to focus on what is the best option for the material at hand rather than what the ego of an individual may require.

Has anything outside of music, for example, religion, influenced you in the making of this record?

Yes, I’d say that a lot of our interests find their way into our lyrics, artwork, and general presentation.

Thank you again! Anything you would like to tell our readers?

Not really, except: check out our latest album.